Ex-husband being possessive My dream was my ex husband grabbing my face and telling I could never leave him. This dream vision of your ex-husband acting possessively towards you could reflect the fact that you want him back in your life, or it could be an indication of your dissatisfaction with the way things are developing between you and another lover. You may also be comparing your current interest to him. There are certain undertones of jealousy or dissatisfaction which you seem to be expressing through your subconscious mind. You should avoid contacting or being overly friendly with your ex because, if you continue to focus excessively on your past, you may hurt your current or future relationships.
In a camper trailer with ex-husband I dreamed of my ex-husband who I have two children with and am going through a court case. My sixteen-year-old son was driving a ATV through a bunch of water and it was very cold weather. My ex-husband was in a red and black checkered jacket and we were having words of conversation. His former wife that he has now was in a camper trailer and I did not want her to hear us talking, however for some strange reason I ended up on my mattress and he sat on the end of the bed and in a camper trailer. He also was rubbing my feet. What does it mean when ex-husband is rubbing your feet while you are crying? Seeing your son driving an off-road vehicle is a sign of experiencing emotional turmoil and uncertainty. It can also mean you are about to experience a loss of material possessions or significant financial shortages. This is likely related to your son, suggesting that he may need extra money for activities you are not sure would yield any tangible benefits. This is supported by the image of your ex-husband rubbing your feet at the end of the vision, as this points toward the idea that you would soon be astounded by unexpected or surprising events of a negative nature. You may want to be cautious with what money you spend on your son, making sure that his associations and activities are adding value to his life.
Ex-husband and river water A dream about ex husband and river water. Rivers in dreams are closely connected to emotions and workings of subconscious desires. Perhaps you have been thinking about your ex-husband recently and such thoughts are dredging up past issues. You could still be emotionally attached or deeply affected whenever you think of the memories you shared together in the past. Maybe you have not fully recovered from the separation and there is some healing left to do.
Estranged wife confessing she is pregnant Dreamed my wife who is estranged, came to me saying she was 4-months pregnant. We separated 3 months ago. I had a vasectomy 5 years ago. She came to me at night supposedly from her boyfriend's house, who threw her out once, she told him she was pregnant. She came wearing a perfume and a shirt that I had bought for her. She was also crying, but she doesn't cry in front of people, even loved ones. This dream vision reveals upcoming difficulties on a project you are currently working on. These challenges and missteps would likely make you feel miserable and dejected. Dreaming that your estranged wife is pregnant is a sign that she could be able to lend physical or mental support during this trying period. It also reveals that she is still compassionate towards you. Fortunately, your hard work and dedication would see you through these troubles and bring good financial changes along with happiness in your professional life once the problems have been sorted out.
Ex-wife refusing to sign a document I dreamt my ex-wife wearing a grey suit. We had a bitter disagreement about her signing a document and I threaten to kill her if she refuse to sign it. A dream wherein you see yourself arguing with your ex wife has ominous connotations. It could possibly be a manifestation of troubles in your current relationships with others. Normally, the image of your disagreement with your ex points towards shortcomings in your present life. The disagreement which you seem to be having with her is perhaps an indication of your struggles and clashes with your partner or people close to you in waking life. The best course of action would be to reevaluate your ways of interacting with people present in your life and make amends before things go awry.
Wife tying shoelace I saw my wife tying my shoelace in the dream. Envisioning your wife in a dream as she goes about tying your shoelace usually is a symbol of good tidings. Perhaps you are about to receive good news about a risky venture you invested in or a business activity where you have put a lot of time and effort in. These good tidings will take the weight off your chest, making you stress-free and relaxed for a while.
Husband who is about to die soon I lost my passion to my husband, we only have physical relations. My dream was, he will be going dead by Halloween, he has bad health, I hope someone knows something about my dream. Envisioning your husband dying in a dream vision is the manifestation of disappointments and negativity caused by him in reality. Because of the lost passion between you and your husband in the waking world, perhaps this vision is your subconscious projecting the disenchantment and sadness you are currently feeling. In a sense, the frustration you feel toward your husband has been caged inside you for so long that your subconscious is manifesting it within this dream. It would be wise to find a healthy outlet for these emotions and to have open communication with you husband to help rekindle the spark between you.
Becoming the wife of a customer My husband was working next to my house that was being remodeled and my customer was doing it. My husband comes over and my customer tells my husband I'm his now. What does that mean? Dreaming about a house in a state of being remodeled signifies a changing life condition. It suggests that a major personal transformation is coming into your life. Perhaps you have been dissatisfied with the way your relationship is progressing with your husband. You could be comparing your marriage to other couples' and trying to improve it in one aspect or another. The scenario of realizing you belong to someone else in this dream points to the lack of communication with your husband or your inability to address important issues with him because of his unwillingness to listen to what you have to say.
Leaving husband for someone else I went on a trip with an old boyfriend, my husband told me I couldn't go. I went anyway and when I came back I saw a man tied and cuffed to a bed. I heard people say the task is done. I scream, I don't understand them. Someone said that man shot my husband. A dream wherein you see yourself leaving with an ex, despite having a husband, alludes to the presence of discontent in your waking life. Perhaps your marriage is in trouble and you would like to take a break from all the problems which you both are facing. This is reinforced by the image of you leaving with your ex despite your husband's disapproval. It seems as if your marriage is going through a rough patch, and the symbolism of your husband being shot while you are away again denotes negativity. It would be better if you focus on steering your marriage towards resolution of existing issues instead of focusing on the past. Make sure you give this relationship enough time and energy if you want it to last.
Shooting involving ex and current husbands I was on "Bachelor in Paradise" type of show with a bunch of strangers, my ex-husband was there as well and my husband now. One night a shooter came toward the front of the house and started shooting into the house. My kids were suddenly in the house when the shooting started. No one I knew was shot. Dreaming about your ex-husband, alongside other people, could reveal the presence of some unresolved issues or problems he is presently experiencing or between the two of you. Having your current and ex-husband within the same setting may be conveying a message of comparison and contrast. Perhaps there are traits your ex-husband possessed which your current husband lacks or does not display to you. Furthermore, there could be some insights and lessons you gleaned from your previous marriage which could be applicable to your current relationship. Meanwhile, the shooter targeting your house either means you have enemies lurking in the background or possibly a representation of your own feelings of guilt or shame. The doubts eating you from inside could potentially have a detrimental effect on your husband and kids.
Meeting with a future wife I had a dream last night that I have met my future wife but I don't know who she is. I just want to know what is the meaning of that. Dreaming about meeting your future wife portends the arrival of someone interesting in your life. This new association could actually lead to the formation of a mutually beneficial relationship. Your vision could further predict that you would be introduced to a woman who is charming and alluring. It is even possible you would feel a strong connection with her. However, just because you find her appealing does not mean that she would automatically reciprocate your feelings. In order to win her over, you might have to prove you are a gentleman worthy of her affections.
Husband having a baby with someone else have had this dream several times about my husband having a baby outside our marriage. When your husband has a baby outside of your marriage in a dream, it often reflects having the same fear in the waking world. It likely means that you think and worry about his faithfulness, so your subconscious manifests this idea in your visions. This is perhaps because you are not satisfied with the deepness of your communication or because you have been fighting more recently. If he has given you no reason to be concerned, you should try to get rid of such uncharitable thoughts and take time to work on your communication skills with him.
A stranger inside the bedroom Sleeping in bed with husband and heard a door open and tried to wake my husband up, started crying and saw a man at the end of our bed. A dream wherein you see yourself sleeping with your husband signifies the deep and profound relationship shared by the two of you. However, the fact that you find a stranger standing at the edge of your bed negates the happy image of the first part of your dream. You may experience a rift with your husband and it may involve another person coming between the two of you. Make sure that you do not offend or hurt your husband and stay away from people who may try to wedge into your relationship.
Inside a plastic bag with wife My wife and I were inside a very large plastic bag that was filled with glue, we drained the glue out. That is all I remember. Envisioning yourself and your wife inside a large plastic bag with glue in this dream suggests closeness and intimacy. As a husband, you are privy to your wife's secrets and you also disclose any information to your wife with ease. It could be any little details or facts concerning friends, family or colleagues. Sharing of such sensitive aspects makes your bond and affection stronger as it gives both of you the assurance that your conjugal life is going well. Draining the glue out in the dream is also suggestive that both of you also talk and confide to close friends about the state of your marital affairs. This could be positive or negative depending on the information being disclosed and it is probably wise to discuss this matter with your wife and set boundaries on the facts being shared with the outside circle.
Women's underwear in husband's backpack I had a dream that I found a white pair of women's thong undergarments in a backpack that belong to my spouse. The backpack belonging to your spouse represents responsibilities, burdens and problems. These are issues your romantic partner has been carrying around, probably from even before your were married. Meanwhile, the white thong is a symbol of intimacy and sexuality. Perhaps you feel there are still things you do not know about your spouse, or there could be situations or specific topics they do not like talking about. This vision could be the manifestation of your desire to get to know your partner more intimately and to allow them to show their vulnerabilities to you.
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