Husband dying and resurrecting I dreamt my husband died, then came back to life. This dream is pointing to the possibility that the choices you have been making so far are questionable at best. Certain decision that you have made as of late are not really beneficial for you and may have consequences and long-term ramifications in your life. Thus, it is advisable for you to be more careful with any important decision you are forced to take. There is no shame in asking for a second opinion before starting something that could end up requiring a lot of your time and effort later on.
Wife eating raw meat I've seen in a dream my wife secretly eating raw meat with blood, and her face along with mouth was stained with blood, while I catch her, she shows it is her normal attitude. Seeing someone eating raw meat in the dream world is usually a sign of possible problems they face at work or even at home. Perhaps you noticed subtle differences in your wife's behavior and your gut tells you that something is not right. Your instincts may be right, as she could be experiencing some health or mental issues which she is hesitating to share with you. Alternatively, blood is a metaphor for passion and love, so in that context, there is a likelihood that your wife is indulging in her passions by rediscovering her interests. For so long she may have focused on the needs of others and it is only recently when she has had the freedom to pursue her own dreams. It could be jarring or unfamiliar territory for you, but perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to understand her motivations and support the ambitions she has.
Husband taking everything after a breakup I dreamed I found my husband had cheated on me. I told him to leave and when I arrived home, he took most of our stuff but the big thing was he took the kitchen sink! He left me with very little and I had to take a second job. He went to live with his ex even though he cheated with a younger girl. Dreaming that your spouse is cheating on you actually reveals your insecurities. The part where it is revealed that your husband cheated on you with a younger girl could be the subconscious manifestation of your suspicions in the waking world. While it does not necessarily mean that this is true, you may have been questioning your husband's loyalty and love towards you recently, leading to this vision. Because kitchen sinks symbolize emotional control, taking it away could mean outbursts and irrational behavior. Perhaps you are starting to formulate your own assumptions without talking it out with your husband. The sink could be a crucial clue prompting you to become more open and honest about your doubts and fears with your spouse instead of jumping to conclusions.
Wife caught in a wind tunnel I was in a house, it had 4 rooms. I was standing in what looked like the dining room and kitchen living room area, the front door was open as well as the back door. I saw a wind tunnel in the room not touching the other areas just from door to door. I saw my wife walking in the wind with her arm over her chest and her hand over her eyes saying "I can't fight against this. I need help!" I was reaching to her trying to help her. But the wind area stayed in a z pattern. Seeing your wife being swept around by strong gusts of wind points to stressful situations and changes in the waking world. You could be moving to another place or a new job opportunity would present itself that could affect your daily lives. Fortunately, these drastic changes and stressful transitions have positive consequences. The wide open doors of your house are positive symbols predicting lucrative opportunities for you and your family. Blessings and rewards for you industry and hard work would come pouring into your household which would make all the challenges worth it in the end.
Husband being arrested while swimming A female friend of mine dreamt that me, my husband and all family were swimming, then water started draining out when my husband moved out of the pool. He was then taken by uniformed people. Your friend's dream reveals her concern for you and your family's well-being. The image of you and your family swimming in water suggests emotional turmoil. Perhaps you have been dealing with financial difficulties or undergoing therapy for the issues you have been grappling with. In that sense, the final scene where your husband is being taken by uniformed people could mean that he needs to be more disciplined and responsible in order to save you and your family from this ordeal.
Husband leaving for Hawaii My husband left me to go to Hawaii with another woman that he never had sex with or sexual interest in. Dreaming that your husband is cheating on you says a lot more about your mentality than anything he has done in waking life. In a sense, this vision is the manifestation of your own worries and low self-esteem. This is supported by the idea that he left for Hawaii with this woman. Hawaii has the image of being a tropical paradise that is separate from the rest of the world. You may be thinking that you are not as attractive or exciting in his view any more, leading to your concern that your husband is losing interest. You may need to focus on loving yourself and sharing your concerns with your husband in order to be free of these feelings.
Husband finding a new wife Husband surprised me with marring another woman I didn't know and he wanted to surprise his family with his new wife and we were packing to go and I couldn't hold in my jealousy like I was trying to do and be OK with what he did! This girl was nice though and was trying to be friends with me and I was being very fake with her. I was not OK with this, I felt hurt, betrayed and not worthy. I got really mad when I thought about them having sex or when I brought it up with him and he didn't deny it. Dreaming about your husband marrying some other woman and introducing her to the rest of the family could be a reflection of your tendency to be too absorbed in and excessively consumed by the lives of celebrities, social events or relationships which involve the rich and famous or life stories you are constantly showered with by the media. Perhaps this interest in success stories of other people is preventing you from achieving a more balanced and happier life, especially as far as the relationship with your husband is concerned.
Husband pooping on a chair Last night I dreamt that I was in the process of getting the kids ready for school. My husband and, for some reason, my mother-in-law (whom I consider a friend, so no bad vibes there) were chatting at the breakfast table as I'm scrambling to get the kids ready and out the door. After the kids leave, I go to take a shower, but the shower is in a corner of our bedroom and not enclosed in any way. As I am in the shower, my husband brings my mother-in-law in so he can show her something. She is carrying a basket of folded laundry. I cover up and yell something like "Hey! Some privacy, please!" She avoids my eyes, but my husband yells at me to stop worrying about it. They leave. I finish showering and get dressed. As I go into the kitchen, I notice a brown mess on the chair my husband was sitting on. I look and it's poop. I ask him about it and he says something along the lines of pooping in his pants after his workout. He hadn't changed his clothes because he wasn't ready to get a shower and get ready for school yet. Again, he was really snippy with me about the fact that he was choosing to sit in a pile of poop and that I couldn't make him change. He refused to clean up the DR chair, too. In writing this, I just realized that his mom is no longer there. Dreaming about a pile of poop, despite the sullied imagery, has positive connotations. It could signify that you may soon come across a great deal of fortune and wealth. The notion that it was your husband sitting on that pile of feces could symbolize that he would be the one who is responsible for this acquisition of wealth and prosperity. Your recollection of going about your daily chores in the same dream symbolizes that you are satisfied and happy with your lot in life. Also, observing your mother-in-law together with your husband in your dream implies that she is always there to help you. However, the sudden increase in affluence and fortune could become a welcome change and may help make things even easier and more pleasant between you and her. It could therefore reduce or eliminate the need of constant support from your mother-in-law and could be the explanation for her absence at the end of your dream. In any event, it could be a good time now for you and your family to start expecting some fortuitous developments to take place.
Husband giving dirt to eat My husband gave me dirt to eat. Dirt or soil seen in dreams can symbolize humility, so being given soil or dirt to eat can mean that your husband is trying to rein in your spending and hedonistic habits. He may be trying to make you more practical, even frugal, in reality because you have been spending too much on unnecessary items or hobbies. Alternatively, dirt can also symbolize shameful secrets. In that sense, the dream can also mean your husband may soon reveal some new information about himself which you may have trouble accepting.
Wife being escorted and bleeding I had a dream that I woke up in a hotel to my wife coming to the door of the room with two escorts bleeding from mouth and teeth falling out. When I ask what happened as she opens her mouth to speak, one escort covers her mouth with their hand. I woke up from the dream and Googled you guys. Being in a hotel typically means you are looking for an escape. You could be feeling stressed or listless and you want to have some leisure time, perhaps on your own, in order to recharge. Negatively, this can also be an ill omen of relationship problems which may lead to separation. Similarly, a bleeding mouth portends conflict and family problems. The mouth is a symbol of communication, so maybe part of the problem is that one or both of you are hiding vital, possibly destructive information, from the other. This is especially represented by the notion of her mouth being covered. Finally, seeing someone losing teeth reveals your fear of losing your wife. You may have sensed a gap forming between the two of you in reality and this has instilled some anxieties and apprehensions about the possible dissolution of your marriage.
Being saved out of water by someone other than husband My husband had a dream of me in it, but I was holding a baby, not sure if it was ours, but water sucked me in while I was holding the baby. But as my husband was just standing there watching with fear, he didn't go in for me. Another man went to save me and this child. I'm a female and my husband a male. The unfamiliar baby in your husband's dream likely means that he could be neglecting the needs of his loved ones, perhaps including you. He may be unaware that certain individuals close to him need his attention, guidance and support. Meanwhile, the latter part of his dream may reveal his fears and insecurities. Perhaps he thinks he is not good enough or capable of protecting and supporting the members of his family. Ironically, his focus on his own insecurities may be part of the reason why he is inattentive to his loved ones' plight.
Dinner with the wife and some stranger My wife and I are in a dimly-lit very large dining room. In the middle is a very long table. I have to sit on the other side of the table, so it takes a while to get around. When I get to where I need to be, there is a man sitting next to my wife, but I cannot see who he is due to to the poor lighting and a table decoration and he ignores any attempt at starting a conversation with me, though he'll happily talk with my wife. As the dinner winds down, the table gets smaller but I still can't see the other side. The long dinning table you describe could be a metaphor for the growing distance you perceive in the relationship with your wife. The notion about taking a while to get around the table and go where you needed to be shows how much effort you could be putting into approaching your wife's needs in general. As for the man whose face you could not really see, it could be symbolic of your own presence in your wife's life, shared aspects of the relationship which you feel could be taking too much of your attention, making you feel increasingly estranged from her interests or needs. The man who would not talk to you is a reflection of yourself no longer feeling as an influential individual when confronted with your wife's behavior or attitude.
Husband driving off a pile of soil Men were working in the compound, there was a large pile of soil, making it look like a cliff or small hill in the compound, all of a sudden my husband lost control and drove a car off that cliff and crashed into the wall fence. I feared he was dead but he came out with only his head injured and with little blood. I asked him if I should take him to hospital but he didn't answer me and just went to check on the car wreck. The large pile of soil in the compound represents the wealth and prosperity accumulated over the course of your life. In this case, the notion that there were other workers present could mean you are benefiting from the hard work of others without contributing much yourself. Car crashes often represent some major occurrence or conflict, so it seems likely that you would face some backlash from this situation which involves inequality or despair on someone's part. While it is unlikely that the criticism or fighting that ensues would leave permanent damage, you may want to think about ways you could prevent this situation from unfolding to begin with.
Husband's girlfriend being sick My husband's girlfriend wearing white top, green dark blue long skirt. Sick with some bone illness, looking at me with light brown eyes. Me suggesting her doctors and medical information. Dreaming about someone you know becoming sick, although it can contain an ambiguous message, could actually mean that your waking life is currently without any kind of major disappointments or bad luck. You may even be feeling quite happy that things are looking promising for you and that you are successful and financially stable. Everything that you have and cherish is admired by those around you, especially people outside your normal circle of friends.
Husband stabbed with scissors Female. I dreamt that my husband was stabbed in the back with scissors by an acquaintance of his. Dreaming that your husband was stabbed in the back can be an allusion to disingenuous friends or colleagues he or both of you have. You may have given your trust to someone who does not deserve it. In addition, scissors refer to cutting ties and losses. Your subconscious is advising you to let go of toxic and two-faced individuals because they are not only draining your energy, they may also be trying to sabotage the good things that are happening to you both personally and professionally. Growing older can sometimes mean choosing quality over quantity when it comes to your friends.
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