Uncle bringing marijuana to a party Me and my family we were having something like a party and one of my uncles was having a sling bag full of weed, it's like he's selling it. And I was trying to put it nicely in his bag because it was split everywhere on the couches. Seeing marijuana or weed in a dream vision, without actually smoking or using it, usually refers to gaining a new perspective. It means that you are opening yourself up to new experiences and ideas by meeting new personalities and consuming content that you would normally not seek out. Your uncle in the dream may be the embodiment of a liberal mindset. Maybe you think of him as someone who is enlightened and able to empathize with those who may not necessarily share his views. This could be a turning point in your life in which you let go of judgmental thoughts and become more compassionate towards individuals with different plights.
Liquid gold pouring from the ceiling I dreamt that liquid gold was pouring out of my ceiling and falling around me. Liquid gold that pours down from above is a highly ominous symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests that your significant other, either your spouse or romantic partner, would soon have an affair of some kind. This could be a brief fling characterized by suggestive jokes and subtle looks, or it could be a serious act of adultery on the part of your partner. If you are unmarried, this could also be equally true of a friend you thought you could trust. You would know in your heart whom your dream is referring to, as you probably have been suspicious for some time. It may not be too late, however, to repair your relationship with this individual and fix the issues that have pushed your lover or friend to seek comfort elsewhere. A long, heartfelt conversation or some counseling before a real issue appears would save a lot of time, energy and heartache down the road.
Arguing with sister over a metallic substance My younger sister died two months ago after long fight with cancer, but incredible attitude throughout. Was a key support for my elderly parents - daily visits to them and doing various things. Always unlimited patience and positive words. In my dream, we're at some gathering at my parents, and some type of dark metallic substance is spilled. I repeatedly insist we must clean it up, and my sister gets very angry at me (would be out of character) and berates me for my impatience and insistence. As part of the grieving process, our subconscious can often relay messages via dream symbols that would help in moving on. In your case, the metallic substance symbolizes clutter, instability and turmoil. After her passing, your emotions and psychological state are probably unsteady and volatile. So wanting to clean up this spilled substance reveals your desire to regain your composure and get back to your normal routine. However, this is usually not something that is easily controlled. As such, being reprimanded and disparaged by your deceased sister is you subconscious telling you to trust the process. You need to acknowledge and embrace the complicated emotions associated with death instead of trying to repress the pain or forcing yourself to appear brave and in control. Mourning is different for everyone, but you will recover eventually if you just let it flow naturally.
Washing hands with water and dropping water I saw two dreams, in one I saw myself washing my hands with water and in the second one I saw my water jug is dropped. The image of water is strong in both of these visions, so the connection between the visions is very clear and easy to recognize. In the first dream, you were washing your hands, a symbol associated with blessings from a higher power or force. You likely have been blessed with luck and good fortune, making some aspects of your life much simpler than they otherwise would have been. However, the jug of water that is dropped in the second vision suggests your luck might be about to run out. This is because you have relied to much on your natural luck and have not done enough to sustain your good fortune by yourself. Unless you put more effort into improving yourself and taking your responsibilities seriously, you may find a series of unfortunate events is about to unravel.
A poison released at the store My friend, my sister and myself go to Tesco while in there there is a commotion going on because a poison has been released into the air. My friend passes out and dies but I don't stop to help her, I just keep going. My sister passes out and I help her out but then just keep walking through the poison. The poisonous gas or toxin released into the air in this dream means there are threats in your surroundings which would harm you and your loved one's well-being. This could be a toxic environment of hatred and intolerance that would negatively affect your mental and emotional state. Your more susceptible or sensitive loved ones, maybe your sister, may be more prone to getting hurt or depressed over nasty statements. So it is up to you to guide and enlighten those with a weaker resolve, so they can learn to handle the harsh realities of life.
Being accused of dealing drugs Being accused of drug dealing by my ex and him saying he has proof that he's going to give to the police to get me arrested! This is so not true about me. I'm shocked and angry. Dealing drugs in dreams usually portends health issues for someone close to you. It could be something that has been getting worse over the years because of poor lifestyle choices or a contagious disease. However, in the context of your dream, being accused of drug dealing implies denial on your part. You refuse to see the weakness and ailing health of a loved one or you are oblivious about their suffering because you are too focused on your own issues. So, this is a wake up call for you to be more attentive and caring about the people who matter most.
Being drugged by someone and escaping Meeting up with a new person, going to their house. That person drugging me, yet I get away. Despite the somewhat scary imagery in this vision, it seems to be a reflection of your internal desire to increase the number of or improve your relationships in reality. Specifically, meeting up with someone new refers to a desire to make more friends or have children, thus growing your inner circle and providing more love and support to all included. However, you may have some second thoughts about doing so, especially if you are at a point in your life where you are considering procreating. In essence, your fears may stem from spreading yourself too thin or entering a relationship with someone without getting the same love and affection in return. While you may still decide to go through and add to your group, you might also consider bolstering the relationships you already have with some extra time and effort.
Blue ink on a white shirt What does it mean if blue ink is poured out on my white shirt and after that a person smiles at me. Seeing ink pouring on your clothes while dreaming means that you may be surrounded by people who detest you or are jealous of you. These individuals may cause you some annoying moments and put you in a hole. If you want to avoid these challenges, stand up for yourself and do not let others meddle in your life. Only you should decide what you want and how you want to do it.
Taking drugs and looking for protection Myself and others living in storage units. Taking drugs, searching rainbows for protections. Out of time big dogs, scared. When it is not a regular situation for you, taking drugs in a dream vision indicates that you possess the ability to influence the people around you in wake life. It may be that your bearing and force of character have a strong effect on others. Alternatively, it also can be due to your attractiveness, charm and charisma. In either case, it is clear that your presence can lead others to form certain ideas, or you can sway their attitude and beliefs on certain topics. The symbol of the rainbow in this dream foretells of an upcoming favorable event or beneficial changes that would occur, likely because you were able to bring someone over to your way of thinking.
Sons with marijuana I dreamed of my sons Michael and Ryan. Ryan brought a bag of marijuana that he found in Michael's car. He didn't want his brother to be in trouble. Michael doesn't smoke marijuana. We just looked at Ryan and said why did he brought it out. Then my coworker put some white powder on top of it to cover it up. Ryan took it away while I checked around the area just in case he dropped something. People from work came so we were checking everything out just in case something got left behind. Then I woke up. Envisioning that your son had marijuana on him in the dream realm predicts something similar taking place in wake life. While he may not be actively using the substance, he could be considering it. Alternatively, his friends or peers may be pressuring him to partake. If he does, however, this vision suggests it would have disastrous results. Marijuana may not be a hard drug, but the social implications could put a black mark on him, making it difficult for him in the future. For example, family and friends may criticize and shun him. It's possible that his future working situation may also be in jeopardy. It would be wise to council him on alternative ways to relax so that he does not become tempted to get involved with marijuana.
Green liquid on the face and walls Dreams about green liquid splashing in my face and dripping down my bedroom walls. Seeing green liquid, especially if it is similar to slime, means you distrust someone in your group of friends. For some time now, you may have noticed inconsistencies in their stories, shifty behavior or similar suspicious actions. Since the liquid is dripping down your bedroom walls, it means you find this person attractive which makes it difficult for you to reconcile your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps a neutral third party can help decide whether this person is a threat or largely harmless.
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