Someone turning into a ghost I saw a girl in college who is lost and started helping her to get down steel standing stairs and did helped her going down but suddenly I saw she slipped and then spirally i don't know where she went, I thought she is dead I ran after her down but then a feeling came she became a ghost. It scared me and I started running upwards as I felt now the ghost chasing me and suddenly I started running upwards. ...and my eyes opened. To dream about searching for someone who has suddenly disappeared is a sign of forgetting about something that is really important in real (wake) life. Dreaming about seeing a ghost representing someone you know, for example your close relative or friend, signifies some unsolved issues or unanswered questions you are still facing in your life. Trying to run away from or escape a ghost signifies a vicious cycle of problems which you are trying to solve, but instead face more problems inundating your life.
Dead friend through reflections such as trees A friend recently died in a murder/suicide. I asked his spirit to send me a message through a dream. I dreamt of silver, bronze, and gold trees, spotlit and placed on elevated areas of my home. While beautiful, they were also dark and foreboding. Their branches and leaves formed particularly complex and metallic blade-like patterns. This does sound like a dream sent to you by an outside source. The colors of Silver, Bronze and Gold being represented as trees is indicative of something physical and present in your life right now. Possibly an item of significance to your friendship and/or relationship, specifically due to their importance in the dream, being lit and in obviously noticeable places. The elevation seems to be a reflection of your view of this person, holding them in high regard, having a great friendship and fond memories of them. The afterlife is beautiful and also foreboding as well as dark, just as you felt in the dream. It makes sense that you would feel a bit of a haunting presence. The branches and leaves are a very good sign in this, it shows stability, toughness and creativity. This sounds like a comforting dream, a reassurance that everything is exactly as it should be and not to worry about your friend, but to be happy with and observant of the holidays and special times that you've shared together. Please be mindful of blade-like patterns and do not reveal unnecessary or irrelevant facts or recollections to others about this person, it might be damaging to your spiritual well-being.
Facing a demon, saved by a tiger It starts out with me lying on my stomach, reading a book in a dance studio with mirrored walls. I look up and see myself in the mirror. My face cracks and begins falling away revealing a demon underneath. The mirror cracks and the demon reaches through and grabs me by the wrist. The demon’s claws sink into my wrist, crushing it, and making me bleed. There is a lot of blood. The demon pulls me into the mirror. I find myself in a maze of mirrors. The demon is chasing me. It is foggy. I follow an animal, perhaps a tiger that is guiding me through the maze. This dream vision is a reflection of your relationship with a man or a male figure you are currently dealing with. If this is the case when you have a relationship with this person, chances are he is dominating or exerting a lot of pressure on you. This could also be an indication of some dark thoughts or intentions you might be having relative to an issue or dilemma you are currently facing or trying to solve. Visions of a lot of blood could be a sign of your inability to make the right decisions in order to bring your current endeavors or projects to completion. However, the tiger in this dream could point out profuse and plentiful energy, fervor, gusto and the fortitude which might help you to solve these issues.
Dream in a dream Dreams about I was in a dream dreaming. Observing or finding yourself dreaming in a dream, paradoxical it may sound, could be a symbol of your inner capabilities. In particular, this could be telling you that you have a hidden ability to "request" dreams every time before you go to bed. That is, you could have the ability of dreaming about whatever you want to dream about. You simply have to focus before falling asleep. This is a rare talent. You could be capable of controlling your dreams, and the actions you perform in your dream. You would be in synchrony with your subconscious mind, working with it to master real life possible experiences and events. You could also try to pre-program your mind to provide pleasant or desirable dream experiences, and have an overall better awake daily life routine. Additionally, the dream could reveal that you are going through an introspective period. You might be concentrating your psychological resources inside your inner self. All of these aspects of your psyche are valuable traits which you might want to develop and enhance.
Soul leaving the body I was sleeping and I see my soul leaving my body in my bed. And fly high up to the sky. Dreams about observing your soul parting your body and flying upwards could have three possible meanings. One interpretation portends serious illness or health problems. These would be about to happen and would have permanent and irreversible consequences upon your quality of life. The second possible meaning is that you are about to lose a significant part of your property, wealth or assets due to some unexpected circumstances. Such loss would cause you grief, regret and disappointment. Their negative emotional impact would be experienced for a considerable period of time. Finally, the third meaning has a more positive connotation. Namely, the dream could suggest that you are to embark in a significant spiritual journey. You would become less involved with the material aspects of life and develop your mental skills and spiritual depth and understanding. You could benefit from trying to remember the emotions involved in the dream. That is, the feelings experienced while envisioning or experiencing the soul's departure. This could help you determine which one of the interpretations is applicable to your circumstances.
A person turning into glass A person became glass and I hammered it. This dream could carry a warning. Someone in your social circle might be turning deceitful towards you or is trying to get you in a questionable and potentially harmful situation or activity. By hammering glass and breaking it you are showing yourself you can resists and counteract their intentions. If in the dream you were able to tear the person into pieces, you might succeed at preventing their ill-intended actions. Note that the person in the dream might not be the one who is actually being dishonest with you.
Motionless in bed and turning into a ghost I had a dream of me I couldn't move, I couldn't speak (it was as if I was not really asleep in my bed but turned to my side away from my lamp.) After a long struggle of movement and trying to speak I got my light on and it was as if I then could move instantly....First thing I did then was take my duvet and hovered like I was a ghost to my moms room, but with a lot of speed and when I got there I climbed into her bed and got into her face as if I challenged her. Just as she turned to look who it was...her face stricken with fear. I woke up this time for real heart was running away shock and move. Dreaming about being physically paralyzed (seeing yourself unable to move or speak) could symbolize envy. You could be jealous, overly preoccupied with and resentful of someone's or other people’s success and achievements. It could also translate the feeling of powerlessness that you currently feel in regards to some unfortunate or difficult situation (not related to being unable to possess what that other person has). Finding a way out of this stagnant dead-end situation would involve some brilliant idea or intervention. Turning into a ghost and entering your mother's bedroom is most likely your subconscious desire to confess or express these feelings of envy and inferiority to someone who is close to you. This person is not necessarily your mother, an interpretation reinforced by the changes in her facial expression upon your arrival. Your further suspect that your actions and feelings are somewhat shocking and will make others unhappy. You probably mistakenly perceive someone else's accomplishments as an indication of your own weakness or lack of integrity. However, these thoughts are groundless. This individual, who you feel is your competitor, could simply be more attuned, get more out of her or his life, be more optimistic or be an overachiever.
Spirit entering other people's body, waterfall, sea and ocean I was staying in a hostel and continuously I got bad dreams like spirit entering in me and nowadays I am dreaming of waterfall, ocean and sea. I even see unknown persons misbehaving me or my friend. Dreaming about a spirit entering someone's body reflects your concerns about people whom you know closely and being worried about their well-being or even the possibility of passing away. The symbol of a waterfall seen in your dream together with other water symbols (ocean and sea) means you are living in a constant fear of bad things or unexpected changes happening either to you or to other people whom you happen to know. We are assuming you are talking about "other people making you and your friend misbehave" in the last part, from this perspective and in relation to your previous dreams it could mean you are very prone and vulnerable to what others tell you about the way you act, position yourself in life or conduct yourself. You may want to reconsider the way you take criticism or blame from others to make it less damaging to your emotional well-being.
Fighting zombies, talking to someone and meeting an unattractive girl. Last night I had a game-like dream of fighting zombie Apocalypse... After that I had a dream if fighting my cousin sister...... The next scene includes me seeing an attractive girl and talking to her...but she no more looked attractive when I came nearer... Zombies in a dream represent you old bad habits you are trying to get rid of and leave behind, so you might have been going through a process of trying to refine yourself (i.e. quit smoking, learn something new or change your daily routine in some way). The second part of this dream could be the fact that someone is standing in your way preventing you from accomplishing what you have been trying to overcome or eliminate from your life. Finally, the vision of meeting with an unattractive girl means help and support you seek and will receive from someone who is in a close relationship with you in order for you to make these improvements in your life.
A person that looks like Devil and overpowering a demon I dream of a casino and a friend is with me but keep warning me do not make a pact with Max. I don't gamble but every time i put my hand in my pocket i take out money. My friend ask me if i made a pact with Max i say no i haven't. But curiosity forced me to find out who is this max person. Next I am in a office with Max and he looks like the Devil i ask him if he is the Devil he did not answer me as he looked at a door in hes office there was a small eager looking demon approaching and Max waved hes hand like magic stroke and the door closed on the eager looking demon slamming the door in his face. This vision is somewhat complex to interpret with precision. There is definitely a central figure, which is the person named Max, who later appeared to you as the Devil himself. Based on these notions, you are most likely concerned and worried about possible traps and pitfalls you think you might be facing soon and which could be set by some people in your close social circle or even by strangers who might soon appear in your life. Another important observation you have taken from this dream is related to the friend, who seems to be guiding you and giving you advice. This could reveal that there would be someone in your wake life who might serve as a link to something negative soon to occur or who might be tempting you in some way. At the end of this dream, there is a little demon behind a door. This symbol could illustrate how, at this point, you seem to be perceiving some weak and insignificant signals of upcoming nuisances and difficulties which already make you feel anxious and concerned. Yet, you also seem to be aware that there may be major disappointments and issues down the road if some particular path is taken. The details about the casino and money you mention could point to the financial nature of such potential troubles, but not necessarily. Overall, there is obvious tension between the do and the don’t, the sin and the virtue or the black and the white. You could be, at least subconsciously, feeling torn between two possible choices in your actions and decisions. This is probably causing you some considerable anguish. If you are able to recall more details or in case this dream vision occurs again with a different scenario, feel free to ask us to elaborate more on possible interpretation of what it could mean.
Becoming possessed by a ghost and punished by demons There was a ghost in my home awhile back. I showed my friends where I felt the ghost's presence. We asked if it was it with us. It replied *yes* through me. I became possessed and my friends ran away into another room after I asked them for help. I followed them to that room (not being possessed). My 2 y/o niece was sitting there and I sat across from her. She seemed older and asked me questions. If I didn't get them right I was punished by the demon. Sometimes I would get them wrong on purpose to see what would happen. One time nothing happened and my mom came in and said it was bad, something worse could happen later. Trying to communicate with a ghost in this dream could reveal some unhealthy relationships or the way you are treated by other people in your social circle. You are most likely cunningly deceived or subjected to lies by certain people you have to deal with on a regular basis. You could have made some conscious attempts to *test* their sincerity on several occasions, but unsuccessfully to this day. You are misguided and confused by either their behavior toward you or the information they share with you. Demons, as symbolic recollections taken from a dream, are often interpreted as clusters of negative energy accumulated by dreamers, and in the context of your dream story, you could be starting to test your limits of tolerance needed to deal with this situation and these people.
Exotic animals, seeing a ghost and being run over In the dream last night, first I somewhat remember animals that were moving furniture and other objects around in a cave to prevent from being caught or killed, these were exotic animals, I don't remember much more. Then I was a ghost in a house of a family and the eldest son said I see you, and we had sex in the attic. It was love making type of sex and very warm feelings. Then I was walking down the street, first I was in a silver SUV with my dad and other family and I saw a pep rally and jumped from the car and he ran me over. But I was OK but angry. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream with several symbolic visions mixed together, there are some points worth mentioning. Your visions of having sex with a stranger could be a reflection of your current state of mind when you are questioning whether you should continue seeing the person you have recently had a close intimate encounter with, or go your separate ways. You could be trying to get his attention by showing your other sides and aspects of your personality, however you are most likely failing in your attempts to impress him, as suggested by the vision of exotic animals in a cave. Finally, being run over by a car and surviving the accident could point out that you have lately been a part of confrontation or conflict with someone as far as romantic affairs are concerned, and you would be able to come out of this situation as a victor, no matter what had been said or done.
Communicating with people who were dead I been having this dream for the past 2 days of me dying and still being able to communicate with people that are living. Everyone knew I was dead but somehow I was still able to see them, touch them and talk to them although they weren't able to see me. The only people that were in my dream were my father who I don't talk to at all, my mom and my step father and some old childhood friends that we no longer talk to each other, but are still my neighbors. Along with them I was present in my high school graduation and I also saw a lot of strangers. I wasn't able to see my face clearly in my coffin. To generalize, you had a dream where you experienced either being a ghost or communicating with them, which could be indicative of some emotional turmoil or unsettled emotions which have been raging inside you. This could be because of a petty issue or a minor circumstance only, but one which you might be thinking is way too important due to its mysterious and enigmatic nature. Perceiving yourself dead in this dream is, however, a reassuring sign of upcoming positive changes and your ability to live and enjoy a much happier life and coming to terms with what's bothering you at the moment.
Hands by themselves I saw just 2 hands appearing and vanishing ... Then those hands started to hold and leaving my hands too. Seeing a hand or hands separated or apart from the rest of the body in a dream is a symbol for helplessness or a lack of control in a given situation. Disembodied hands mean seeking help to do or complete something or wishing to be able to do something, but being unable to take control or receive support from those you would normally count on. Based on the last part of this dream vision, you might have been asking around for help or assistance, but to no avail so far.
Someone killing lizards by touching I saw one person staying with us though cannot recall who it was killing lizards simply by touching them, one lizard falls near me on my bed and that one too is killed by him. I shriek and run. Being on or near your bed in a dream is a sign that whatever happens in the dream is concerning you. Seeing lizards in a dream may indicate danger, particularly from gossip and rumors, which may sully your reputation. However, someone is protecting you from this evil in your vision, predicting that there is someone on your side in real life too, like a close friend or family member, who is willing to defend you when others ridicule you or try to ruin your name.
Being a shadow and surrounded by evil creatures Me standing in all white room and I'm just a shadow. Then myself then I start morphing really skinny and really fat over and over. Then it stops and I start getting surrounded by evil creatures and they close in on me. I wake up when they are on top of me. Symbolically, a shadow represents a continuation or extension of the dreamer's self. Based on your description, it could be that you always rely solely and exclusively on your own abilities, aspects of personality and wits during problematic situations or when serious issues emerge. The evil creatures could be a subconscious projection of your unwillingness to accept help and support offered by other people because you feel there could be more damage than good if you allow them to step in or learn too much sensitive information about a particular issue you face.
A spirit following and possessing others In my dream I was in a house where I saw something moving on the roof as I look up, I see this spirit moving and destroying my house, and I started praying and chasing it out of my house. It ran away into a nearby church and I went there also praying. It got inside this woman and I drove it out of her. It ran went away leaving for good. What does it mean? Seeing a spirit indicates you are experiencing some internal turmoil at the moment, most likely over the passing of someone who has influenced or affected you in some way or someone exiting your life in a sudden, dramatic manner. Chasing after the ghost and praying for it to leave represents some conflict in your family which is preventing you from having a peaceful, satisfying home life. This is most likely connected to the passing or disappearance of the person mentioned above. In either situation, seeing the ghost leave for good predicts things settling down soon, especially if everyone takes the time to communicate honestly and respectfully with each other.
Seeing a crescent moon on the hand after being touched Had a dream of an old woman dressed in a black dress and hood. She touched my stomach and then a crescent moon appeared on my left hand. All of these symbols present in your dream are negative in their nature. Meeting an old woman dressed in black in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you or existing issues inside a very close relationship you have with someone at the moment. Crescent moon appearing on your left hand is symbolic of your weaknesses related to being indifferent, uncaring or arrogant toward the other half in this relationship or other people in general. The notion of this sign showing on your left hand is also an indication of upcoming betrayal coming from you. The outcomes of these negative circumstances may cause a rift in the relationship or physical separation, which in turn could lead to a period of time filled with loneliness and heartbreak.
Mother with a boy who turns into a ghost in the hallway My mom was walking down the hallway with 5 high circle lights to my room with a little boy. The hallway was lit under the light but went dark in between the light shining down. I ask her "Mom, who is that?" and she replied "You see him, Diane, you see him". They walk closer to me, she is holding his hand. I repeat "Mom, who is that?", she said "You see him". The boy will smile and frown by the time they got halfway through the hallway. I ask her again, she said "You see Billy, Diane. You see him - Billy". I said "Yes" and he was at my face when she replied he is a ghost. His eyes turn white hazy... This vision seems to be the manifestation of some negative emotions you have recently experienced in wake life. These negative experiences or situations are bringing you down, making you feel small and unimportant. Because of the prominence she plays in this vision (leading the boy to you), your mother may be the source of this frustration and sadness. This could be the result of a misunderstanding or a difference in values. Until these issues are resolved and forgiveness is exchanged, however, you are unlikely to find peace or repose.
Being a ghost and trying to be reborn by sending a message I was dead and I was a ghost and I was getting torn in two and needed to let go. And I wrote a letter but I was living in a parallel dimension, but alongside the living, they couldn't see or hear me, but two women and I needed to move on, so I could be reborn new because if I stayed around too long your spirit goes numb and you stay as presence that loses grip on normality and u geek pain. So I needed to get a message out and wrote on paper saying "Goodbye, I love you" and the two women found it an saw my name on it and held it up to the window to read it before it faded. The ghost in your vision is actually your subconscious, and it is trying to warn you of challenges you are destined to face in your future. Specifically, the image of you as a ghost who is trying to communicate with others predicts confrontation with an enemy and a series of challenges that are in the way of your achieving your goals. The fading paper with your message also holds symbolic meaning, pointing toward some painful memories that may have held you back until now. In essence, your spirit "going numb" from staying around too long indicates not making progress and moving forward in your waking life. In this case, by letting go of the past and overcoming the challenges you can be reborn and experience a new phase in your life.
A ghost of a woman with a horse head Don't know if it's a dream or not (I assume that it is because I don't believe in that ghost nonsense), but I have this woman standing by my bed (in the same spot every time) in some sort of wedding gown, with a see-through veil over her face. Though instead of a normal head, lies a horse skull (I think). Honestly, the dream terrifies me to no end. As the bedroom is often associated with sexual desire or lust, the woman who enters your room could symbolize your desire to be with someone, either a lover who is far away or someone who is currently not available to you. The wedding dress, just as in waking life, is connected to marriage and relationships. This further points toward someone you are not currently seeing, but whom you could be interested in, at least physically. The horse skull that replaces the woman's head, however, is a warning from your subconscious that pursuing a relationship or getting physically involved with this person can only lead to trouble, if not tragedy. Not heeding this notice could result in a terrible period of suffering and disappointment in your life.
Strange things happening around the house My family and I were sitting at the kitchen table reading the Bible and all of a sudden cabinets started opening and I got this uneasy feeling. Later, I saw what appeared to be an Asian female following me throughout everyday life. She wouldn't even let me shower without terrorizing me. This vision has a number of mixed symbols which do not lend themselves to easy interpretation. Namely, the image of your family sitting around the table is a positive sign related to hearing good news concerning the members of your family. This could be the miraculous healing of a loved one or the answer to some other desperately sought after prayer. However, reading the Bible could indicate some disappointment or dissatisfaction with your current relationship or someone you are interested in, so while some relationships may improve, others are likely to become worse or disappear altogether. The cabinet doors which open and close of their own accord are often associated with welcoming extra money into your household, possibly through a better paid job or a sudden award or incentive.
Being under a curse and unable to break free That I was in a rundown part of town for a voodoo doctor because someone had painted something on my back that connected me with the Grim Reaper. The only way to make the voodoo curse go away was to kiss every piece of baby clothes that remained mine. With very little help I couldn't get my baby clothes before I knew what was going to happen to me. I woke. Being cursed in a dream reveals that you are currently preoccupied with making plans or figuring out how to become richer or earn more income. Similarly, baby clothes symbolically represent being limited in abilities or resources needed to succeed, especially it these clothes were perceived or thought of in this dream as belonging to an infant or toddler. You could also be sensing that someone more capable and resourceful is standing in your way preventing you from moving forward in the desired direction. These visions, therefore, could represent and validate your weak spots and shortcomings which need to be worked on before you can succeed in your undertakings.
Scared by a strange boy trying to enter the house A male colleague visits me late at night saying he has left something in our family house. I pleaded with him to wait till tomorrow, but he refused and left. As he was leaving, he left the door opened and there was a little boy standing outside my house. He looked scary and he was trying to get into the house. So, we started struggling and I was able to close my door. He said to me "If you don't want me to come in I will go". He digs a hole and buries himself in front of my door. This vision seems to be a representation of your love life, with your colleague acting as a stand-in for the person you are interested in or romantically involved with. The little boy standing outside your house gives you a bad feeling for a reason. He represents negative emotions in regard to your relationships, such as distrust, annoyance or jealousy. The symbolic vision of the boy burying himself in a hole after your refusal to let him inside could be indicative of wanting to let go of these feelings, which could lead to a positive change in your intimate relationship. The last symbol of the open door represents wanting to let love in though a deeper and more meaningful connection. You may now be at a point in your life when you seek to develop a deep mutual love for someone giving you more satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships.
Scared of images of goats appearing on the body I dreamed that 3 goat heads were marked on my back in my dream. I was sleeping and for some reason I saw something on my chest. It disappeared, only to lift my shirt more in the mirror and I could see what appeared to be three goats. I then ran to my mother in the dream and she told me that she could see exactly what I saw. I began to become very frightened and I cried in her arms. That dream was very spooky, what does it mean??? Goats are often associated with personal tendencies to make others uncomfortable or do things which anger or annoy those around you. Seeing these goats on your body, therefore, suggests the tables are about to turn. In this case, it seems that you may meet with or be introduced to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or wary. The markings appearing on your body in this dream could be a warning to watch your behavior around others so that you can improve your relationships or avoid making someone important to your future upset or walk away for no apparent reason.
Drawing crosses to protect from evil At someone's bad house. I drew on the walls crosses for safety against bad. Seeing yourself drawing in a dream is a sign of your tendency to idealize things in your waking life while ignoring the real facts and harsh reality. Although things may not be going well for you at the moment, you have convinced yourself that everything is great. This is unhealthy and you might want to look at your current situation from a different perspective because your over-confidence may be undermined when something unexpected or negative comes into play. Crosses are symbolic representations of available options, and, in this case, could point that you have not fully explored those you may have at hand.
Ex killing grandmother who becomes a ghost I dreamed that my ex vandalized my car, killed my grandmother in my car. I sat in my car and she wouldn't let me out. My brother came to my car, when I touched him she went through him and then I seen her as a ghost just walk away. Dreaming about your car being vandalized or deliberately destroyed is often interpreted as a sign of facing disruptions in wake life. You could already be seeing these disturbances popping up in your schedule in the form of unnecessary meetings or unwanted responsibilities. The death of your grandmother and the subsequent apparition both appear as a manifestation of the stress and frustration you are likely to feel in such a situation. You may need to take a step back and take a deep breath before forming a plan to tackle the challenges from this point on.
A hand from under the bed grabbing and pulling I had a dream both yesterday night and tonight that a gray hand was reaching from under the bed trying to grab me and pull me under the bed. Your dream might be a reflection of your anxiety over being forced to do something you don't feel you are ready to do, a task for which you deem yourself ill-equipped to tackle and yet see no alternative but to perform. Instead of trying to go against the current, you should let things take their intended course and make yourself prepared or available as best as you can. It might be beneficial for you in the long run, even though you think it is a big nuisance at the moment.
An evil ghost going after kids An evil ghost was trying to hurt my children. An evil, menacing ghost which threatens your family is an ominous sign predicting inevitable changes which would negatively affect your household. This could be directly related to your children since they were the main victims in this dream, but it could also affect the family as a whole. You may want to be on the lookout for upcoming disruptions or threats which may cause issues and try to guard against them as best you can.
Being grabbed and pulled down the bed I'm in bed. Something grabs my ankles and starts to pull me down the bed. I try to hold on to something, I try to kick my legs free, but I can't. I try to scream, but it's stuck, it won't come out. My husband eventually wakes me up. I've never got to the end of the dream if there is an end. It is reoccurring, I've had it no more than 5/6 times over a couple of years. Dreaming of something intangible or ghostly, yet capable of reaching and terrifying you, symbolizes having to let go emotionally of things or people that are no longer part of your life. What you feel as something that's dragging you under the bed could be your own lack of closure regarding aspects of your existence you realize are important to you, but overshadowed by everyday routines, obligations and responsibilities you have to follow through.
Encountering and trying to chase a ghost I was standing in a veranda (possibly my school's). Across the veranda I turn to see a white clad girl ghost-like figure who is staring at me and begins to run towards me. I run towards her too, then she turns and vanishes behind a closed door. I shout behind her like showing courage and wanting answers (I was shouting in real in my sleep). Then I woke up. Being at school in a dream suggests you may be facing some stressful situations in wake life. However, this symbol is opposed with the image of the girl in white, which suggests a carefree lifestyle and a lack of concern. When put together in the context of this vision, it seems you may be under a lot of pressure, and while you know what your responsibilities are and what you need to do, you still feel as though the carefree innocence of childhood is slowly getting away from you making you realize the true challenges that lie ahead.
Presence of a boy and areas becoming cold as a result It started off with me feeling a presence in my house, and because I had just gotten home in the car with my grandma I think (I don't always remember dreams clearly), and there was a young boy stuffed in the front door, curled up like an embryo, (sounds really weird, I know) and I had noticed that before the car went up the driveway and after trying to check it out, there was no boy there, where he front door was or anything. The next day after that, that area by the front door and the rest of home was cold. Frightening situations in dreams often mirror similar fears and anxiety experienced in waking life. Seeing the curled up young boy in your front door indicates an unraveling of surprising information or an unexpected encounter. Just as the boy's appearance in the dream suggests, you will be unprepared to handle this impending development. Be prepared for some major changes as you enter a new phase in your life. It is unclear whether this bit of news or discovery is positive or negative, however the lingering cold by the front door left by the boy's presence implies fear and trepidation. Perhaps, this change could trigger feelings of abandonment or hopelessness. In order to overcome inevitable changes in your life, you must first prepare yourself to be brave enough to face them.
A girl shaped like light passing through the body A dream of a light-shaped girl passing through the body. If this light shaped like a girl that passes through the body has a ghostly presence, then the vision suggests an illuminating experience. The appearance of a transparent apparition is symbolic of certain feelings, circumstances or influences which may have a profound impact on your life without you being aware of their presence and possible implications. The incandescent likeness of the girl points to an enlightened person in your life who could impart life-changing lessons and open your mind.
Turning into a ghost following suicide and being stuck I dreamt I shot myself in the head near a body of water. I died, but was looking down at my two siblings who came to the place I took my life. I could see the indent still in the sand where the impact was. I wrote in the sand I am still with you to my sisters. They couldn't see me as I was a ghost. But they did get my message. Shortly after I was stuck, I could no longer go where people I knew were. I couldn't visit my parents to look over them. I was stuck in nowhere. I felt anxiety. The body of water represents your consciousness and committing suicide near it alludes to a troubled, anxious mindset you are trying to overcome at the moment. The dream suggests a developing distance from your support system as a result of going through a dilemma or personal crisis. Turning into a ghost reveals your inability to confront your problems and your desire to escape instead. It is possible that you choose to detach yourself from your loved ones to avoid getting them involved. Unfortunately, the more you push them away, the harder it will be to get them to understand your motivations and get them back into your life. A fresh perspective is needed to resolve your issues. Whether it is a personal problem or a matter of entering a new chapter in your life, you need not be alone on the journey.
Having a demon for a father About a demon that was my father and a demon at the same time, and I was very scared. A dream in which you see a demon taking on different incarnations, including those of your loved ones like your father, is an ominous sign for those you may personally know and who are currently afflicted with a disease or an illness. The vision portends emotional turmoil that could cause you and these sickly individuals undue stress and anxiety.
Being sucked into another dimension and unable to return I was trying to open the door of a house where my friend was stuck, but she was yelling "Don't open or you'll get stuck". I was along with my friends who are actually not my friends in real, but were in my dream. I forcefully open the door and then some strong energy sucks us inside. We were 4-5 people. The world was something like you got stuck inside a mirror, but everything turned black and white. Then it started like game, everyone finding clues to get out and they succeed, but I got stuck inside the mirror. Doors represent opportunities. The part where you open the door despite the admonitions reflect your hard-headed nature and refusal to listen to the advice of others. This part of yourself may end up getting you into a bad situation, even dragging other people into your troubles. The impression of a mirror thus points to your need for some self-reflection and self-awareness in order to get you out of making poor decisions. In relation to that symbol, the black and white nature of the latter part of your dream conveys the need to be more circumspect with your decisions. Black and white reveals a one-sided point of view, thus you could benefit from being more open to other people's opinions to get a more holistic view of the problem and thereby make sound judgments.
Running from evil and hiding in a monastery I first saw evil after us... And then I entered into a monastery which was inside a cave. And all of this in my dream itself I was telling it to my grandmothers, the one who is dead and the other who is alive. Both of these were happening in my dream. I dreamt in my dream. Trying to run away or escape from an evil force or the devil in a dream means that you could become persecuted by authorities or subjected to court proceedings or other legal actions against you. Alternatively, you may be running away from yourself, at least from the negative parts, such as insecurity or feelings of guilt. To confront your inner demons, you need to dig deep into yourself as symbolized by the monastery inside a cave. Explore your inner workings and face up to your limitations, so you can sort out problems in the waking world. Your grandmothers serve as a metaphor for wisdom. Whatever you may be going through, you seem to be seeking guidance from your elders.
Being surrounded by a circle of the undead I was in a house I had never seen before with people I have never met. We were hiding from these people trying to get us, which in my mind we coherent zombie-like people. These people started to hold hands to create a circle around the house and barricade us in. I got outside and started running from a little girl, I don't know. She got closer and closer and I started feeling scared and then woke up. Hiding inside a house among strangers suggests upcoming stressful encounters and issues in the waking world. You could be experiencing a lot of pressure at work or school, hence the manifestation of this scary vision. Though hiding out and running away from the problem, symbolized by zombies, may seem to be the best way to ward off undesirable circumstances and troubles, you are merely getting yourself backed up in a corner and making yourself easy prey. On the other hand, the zombies may point to your personal fears. You could be starting to feel burnout from work or studying and beginning to go through everyday tasks and duties without invested emotion or passion for the outcome of your labor. Try to revisit your motivation in order to avoid being too jaded.
A ghost telling the maid to leave the house I dreamt my daughter called me hysterically and woke up and then fell asleep again and I dreamt that me and my maid were sitting on the floor folding clothes and she told me she can't work for me anymore. And I asked why and offered her more money and better hours and she declined and said "No, there is a thing in the house" and "he" doesn't want her there and he will kill her. I kept asking what thing and she said the thing in the house is haunting her and will kill her if she doesn't leave and I woke up. Dreaming about someone whom you employ is often thought to reflect your own hard work and determination, particularly in matters of business or household tasks. You are likely a disciplined person who takes pride in the work you perform. However, you maid's refusal to provide services for you (despite your efforts to persuade her to stay) suggests that you have limits to what you are willing to do, especially in how you treat others involved. This could mean you are willing to bend over backwards to support those who you feel are worthy, but tend to ignore those not worth your effort. This could cause conflict, especially among you family, if you choose not to help someone related to you. This can be seen in the idea of the haunted house, predicting conflict and discord among relatives.
Being attacked by a shadow coming out of the closet The closet door of my bedroom opens and a shadow comes out and starts going on top of me and at this I am screaming, but nothing is coming out and I am also trying to rehearse a bible verse (psalm 91) and it doesn't let me. And then I start yelling at my aunt (who is close to me) and no voice is coming out until I finally say her name. If it wasn't for me being woken up by someone sleeping next to me in real life, cause when I was being shaken I felt the shake in the dream I finally woke up. Closet doors in a dream tend to symbolically represent separation between two important aspects. In this case, your soul or faith seems to be what is experiencing this split. The shadow moving on top of you is often interpreted as the manifestation of dual realities within you, meaning you may ideologically think and believe one way, but these desires to be seen as "good" are perhaps distorted by selfish behavior or thoughtless actions. Until you can meld the two halves together, it may be difficult to find peace within yourself.
Haunted by the presence of evil spirit Evil spirit killed a preacher in a house with no roof just walls. Evil spirit under a sheet on my friend's bed. A friend was talking in his sleep. Trying to tell the friend about it, but couldn't get the words out. Then was laying in bed with the boyfriend in the same house and table moves with a grapefruit on a smoking plate. Walking down a road with my friend and saw my brother. Tried to tell him about it, but couldn't get the words out. The evil spirit in your dream represents negative emotions, such as anger, envy and frustration. These negative thoughts or intentions may be lurking in your subconscious and affecting the positive aspects of your existence. Killing the preacher also points to the weakening of your faith due to wicked thoughts or questionable behavior. The evil spirit under the bed and wreaking havoc on your loved ones illustrates the ill effects of behaving badly. Being unable to talk alludes to your lack of self-control. This dream reminds you to reconsider your current actions to prevent yourself from hurting your loved ones.
Communicating with a black ghost figure I had a dream of a black-silhouette figure following my mom around and we both sat down to talk to it. He talked to us through a YouTube video that wasn't published and told us he is here to keep us safe and told us some stuff that I don't remember. I felt calm in the dream, but my mom was getting more scared. Keep in mind I get scared when being around ghosts and stuff like that. Perceiving a silhouette or profile of a man in a dream suggests changes about to take place. The presence of your mom in this vision reveals that these changes would affect your family. Perhaps you would be relocating or entering a new phase in your personal journey that would take you out of your comfort zone. The fact that this figure appears as a silhouette means that along with the change there would be time filled with uncertainties and unpredictable consequences. The upside is, you do not seem too concerned about it. You may be confident in yourself in a sense that you can overcome any kind of challenges coming your way. On the other hand, expect your mom to act protective of you, as she is not yet ready to let you go.
Frightened by a white candle following through book cases This is for a male friend, he is now 63 years old. At the time of having this dream he was around 5 years and it still troubles him today. He finds himself looking down a long row of bookcases, all filled with books, one either side. A candle is glowing in the dark at the end, as he moves onto the next few rows the candle follows. However, he starts feeling dread and at every row thereafter he is waiting for the inevitable to happen, when the candle flies at him, hitting him in the face. Thanks. Your friend's dream which involves the symbols of books and a candle alludes to knowledge and enlightenment. This vision of him walking between a long row of bookcases represents his personal journey. In this journey, his experiences provide him with more knowledge and lessons, this accumulated wisdom is symbolized by the books on the shelves. The light of the candle illuminating his path towards the end of the row of books stands for enlightenment. In the course of his personal journey comes enlightenment, all of the knowledge obtained provides him with a unique perspective on the way he lives. Perhaps the fear he felt towards the candle, and whether it would end up hurting him, has to do with the fact that some of the lessons, experiences and meeting with people could have been done differently according to him.
Family members possessed by demons Demons were haunting me and it felt like I was possessed by one and my father-in-law was haunted by a demon, my father-in-law wanted to help me but he couldn't because he was haunted by them. I cried out to my mother-in-law who passed away a few years ago and she came and put her hand on my forehead and said everything will be ok. Don't know what it means. Demons in dream world represent negative energies and thoughts. They could come from inside of you, your dark side, of from external forces. In the context of your dream, being possessed by demons or the devil suggests that you could be your own worst enemy. Your personal demons may be dragging you down and forcing you to become a darker version of yourself. In your time of confusion and identity crisis, you can turn to the wisdom of your elders to help you find your way. Alternatively, this dream vision of being possessed could be symbolic of your need to turn to authorities or influential figures for help and support you may require at the moment.
In love with a vampire I had a dream that a vampire took me for his own and we were dating. At first I was scared, but then I became to love the vampire, but was still kind of scared of him. We couldn't be around any of my friends or family and we were living in a house with no roof. The vampire had taken me from my previous boyfriend, at first I was sad about that, but I soon realized that it may have been for the best. I began to take care of the vampire partially for love and partially because I was afraid of him. Vampires are not usually a good sign to see in dream visions, normally representing sadness and tragedy. In this case, dating a vampire could mean putting yourself in a situation that could turn out poorly. This can also be seen in your initial fear of the vampire and your accepting that your past relationship may not have been the best for you. Additionally, the absence of a roof in the house and your separation from family and friends could point to emotional distance between you and those you should be able to rely on. It may be time to bridge those gaps, as trying to find people to rely on after there is a problem is often more difficult than maintaining a relationship during both happy and sad times.
Trying to rid a house of evil spirit Ok, so I had a dream that I was at someone's house. I walked into the kitchen and in the left corner was a black dark evil energy. Every time I or anyone would get near it, they would start feeling horrible, having seizures and stuff like that. This lady just moved in and I told her to burn sage. I was extremely terrified and I was freaking out. I kept telling this lady to call a priest to bless the room. I made her give me her phone number, so I could call her and make sure the priest came by. There is a dark shadow hovering in your reality. This shadow is represented by the dark and evil energy lurking in the corner of the kitchen in your dream. This evil presence points to negative emotions, such as anger, envy and frustration. These negative thoughts or intentions may be rooted in your subconscious and affect the positive aspects of your existence. Your tendency to lash out may be affecting your friends and family members. On the other hand, the kitchen in your dream signifies your need for warmth, spiritual nourishment and some emotional healing. Kitchens also represent motherhood and nurturing figures in your life. Perhaps the responsibility associated with taking care of children is stressing you out and causing your to project your anger and frustrations onto others who do not deserve to be treated this way.
Having to leave the house which is possessed I dreamed about an old childhood house where police was knocking on the window, when I opened the door, it started raining. They told me to get out because the house was possessed, as me and my family were walking out, you could see the color of our eyes changing from black to normal. Walking past my bedroom window I could see all the demons in the house. Dreaming about your childhood home is usually a positive sign serving as the manifestation of your comfort in that place. The police knocking at the window also represents strength and confidence, revealing your happiness and contentment at that time. The rain which follows and having to leave the house both signify how you have changed. More specifically, they point toward a tendency to avoid relying on others and being reluctant to get close to anyone who could hurt you. This culminates in your image of demons inside the house, which is a powerful sign representing your acknowledgement of these dark feelings. It may be time to look inside yourself, realize the reason why you push everyone away, and take steps to improve this attitude in the future, so you can get back to the old, happy you.
A framed picture attacking I'm in a small, run-down apartment with my ex best friend. She disappears and this picture in a frame shoots out at me, I jump, so it doesn't hit me and it turns and comes back, this happens a third time only when I jump I turn upside down and am staring at the photo from mid-air just screaming. Being inside an apartment that is old and falling apart is a highly negative symbol associated with unfortunate situations developing in wake life. This is likely related to the resurgence of your ex-best friend, suggesting a conflict with her arising in the near future. The picture which shoots towards you perceived in this dream as a direct attack represents your past coming back to haunt you, probably in the form of information or ideas you shared with this friend in the past. She may use this information against you, spreading rumors or gossip which could leave you vulnerable and unprotected in the presence of others.
Being attacked by a hose with a flame I dreamt a nightmare. The devil entered my room, though I only saw a shadow. I heard hissing from under my pillow and when I moved it, there was a thing like a blue hose hissing at me and acting like a snake as if it were to strike me. Its head though was a blue flame as in the hottest part of fire. The flame would grow in size as it tried to strike. I grabbed it by the throat and said "In Jesus name"! A few times I said it with the intensity growing bigger until the flame was gone. Nightmares are reflections of real-world fears and anxieties. The shadow of the Devil in your dream could be a representation of negative emotions and thoughts you are harboring. Some ill-conceived ideas and brewing anger may be taking root in your head due to frustrating circumstances at work or in your home. As such, the hose symbolizes your awareness that you need to control harmful thoughts and actions. It shows your need for cleansing and purification from your personal demons. Consequently, the blue flame is a symbol of divine intervention and spiritual guidance. You may have to hold on to your faith and ideals so as not to succumb to evil temptations.
Escaping Satan I was escaping Satan and a bunch of ghosts, there was lots of fire. When I finally got through the gates, I could see them behind me and I wasn't scared anymore. Running away from Satan and his minions represents much the same in wake life, namely that you are trying to avoid the negative influence of someone above you. This individual may seem to make benign requests or suggestions, but you can tell (at least subconsciously) that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Successfully leaving through the gates and being unafraid suggests you can escape and move on with your life and, additionally, are likely to prosper because of your ability to follow the truth in your heart.
Bats and crows outside the window I had a dream of crows and bats clinging to the window. Bats were moving slowly, as if trying to get ready for the attack. Crows were watching over, as if waiting for something to happen and getting ready for it. This dream came three days back, since then I am having a very unpleasant feeling and confused. Kindly help. You are right to feel concerned about this vision as both crows and bats are often associated with terrible things coming to impact your future. It seems, then, that your subconscious is sending a strong warning signal to watch out and be careful. Seeing these creatures outside your window may further point toward this danger coming from the outside rather than something from within your home. It may be wise to avoid dealing with the outside world for some time, especially if you were planning on engaging in social interactions, gatherings or travel.
Strange music and a distorted image My brother and I had just got done playing a video game. We stepped into the hallway when all of a sudden some sort of creepy music started playing, like someone was hitting PVC pipes. I happened to look up to the ceiling, to discover this picture I recalled seeing earlier in my dream that my brother had gotten. The picture was of some distorted entity, the face unrecognizable and scribbles around it. As me and my brother both realized it wasn't supposed to be there, the music became chaotic. Hallways are often symbolically linked with a certain, specific aspect of your life. In this case, the presence of you brother could indicate an issue with him specifically or something that affects your family as a whole. In either situation, hearing strange, creepy music playing from an unknown source is often thought to represent something terrible coming, some event or activity which would usher in a period of unhappiness for you and those connected to the incident. Furthermore, the unrecognizable face of the picture and the scribbles which distort other parts of the image could be interpreted as a sign that the threat to you and your loved ones may be coming from outside the home, such a rival or larger evil entity. It would be wise to use extreme caution and to limit time spent in open areas.
Objects with demonic forces inside Dreams about talking objects that turn out to be strong demonic forces that want to kill me and my family, but instead become my family because they saw I was alone and they decided not to kill me or my family, yet become part of it. I have been having this dream for 15 years, not every night, but I know when this dream is going to happen, usually happens every other 2 weeks. Dreaming about inanimate objects talking could predict a web of lies being woven around you. More specifically, it points toward the presence of someone on the fringe of your life who is trying to find a way to get closer in order to deceive you. However, these forces changing their mind mid-vision is a fairly positive symbol, pointing toward this person having a change of heart at some point. Considering the re-occurring nature of this vision, it could represent the part you play in this drama. For instance, your attitude or personality may make you seem like a good target for potential schemers, but once they learn more about you, they may change their tactics and leave you alone.
A ghost sacrificing a little girl A little girl holding a doll was walking up the stairs with an all grey ghost following her. He captured her and took her to the attic that had a pool full of water directly under the full moon. He sacrificed her and the moon disappeared with her. The dream kept switching from third-person to the ghost's perspective. The little girl with the doll seems to be the manifestation of some negative feelings you may be carrying with you. Symbolically, a girl with a doll is usually tied to loneliness or abandonment, but it could also represent not feeling safe or not being able to trust someone. Whatever this negative feeling is, the grey ghost following and kidnapping her suggests the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon, as ghosts that are not white could point toward bad situations arising. Seeing things from the ghost's perspective could represent your hand in the worsening situation. Perhaps you are purposely holding on to the negative energy, or maybe you do not know how to move on. In either case, the direction your future could take depends highly on the reason for the sacrifice. If it seemed to be in the name of a positive higher being, like God, you may be able to find redemption and peace. However, if it was for some dark purpose, the sacrifice could represent being consumed by these dark feelings and getting involved in immoral or questionable activities.
Old wallpaper, burning smell and demons in the room When I went into my room, my old wallpaper was back up on my walls, but they were lopsided and slanted and parts of it were on the ceiling and floor. There was also incense burning. I was very upset by this and told my family to come in and pray because I felt that the room was demonic. We then got in a circle and started praying. I began levitating and became very upset, because I felt that my prayers weren't working. Then a demon grabbed the back of my neck and I felt its nails. Then I woke up. The demon in your dream may represent someone in your family or social group who is causing your distress. On the other hand, the old wallpaper may point to past secrets and mistakes that could be the source of your negative emotions. Perhaps this inner demon is making you lash out on others. Something in reality may have caused the return of old issues and you are feeling quite vulnerable as a result. The incense and prayers allude to you desire to resolve past conflicts by looking deep within yourself in order to glean important insights and lessons.
Being tested by an unknown creature I'm pressured to identify shapes, numbers and letters on a huge white screen. The process speeds up and it's hard to keep identifying them in the sequence they appeared in. All the time during this "test", I am monitored by a being or entity I can't make out, as they're right at the edge of my peripheral vision. They don't seem human, and very detached. Being tested by unknown entities in your dream reveals a fear of failure. Perhaps you have been feeling extreme stress and pressure in reality as a result of piling workloads or rising expectations from your superiors. Maybe you feel as if they are expecting too much out of you and you could be headed for a burnout if you do not slow down. For this reason, you view bosses or clients in the waking world as cold and calculating creatures, the same way they were depicted in the dream. Perhaps a little understanding and acceptance on both sides, you and them, would help make working conditions better for all.
Being haunted by a little girl I was slowly becoming more, and more paralyzed. A little girl was trying to posses me, and continuously harassed (haunted) me. Eventually I tried to kill myself. Dreaming that you are paralyzed reflects a sense of hopelessness and lack of control. The little girl trying to possess you may be symbolic of your reckless and childish side. You could be temperamental and prone to emotional upheavals. Perhaps you feel you cannot control your petty side and that being unable to do so could end up killing your spirit by driving all your loved ones away.
A moon making family disappear My family started to disappear one by one in my dimly house, everything was black and white and as my family disappeared, I noticed a malicious aura and ran upstairs as darkness consumed the living room and followed me. I cornered myself upstairs and the (full) moon in full detail (craters) and silver white soft aura surrounding it. Anyways, it stopped the thing for a sec. But it then shattered and I was consumed or something, the rest after the moon shattering was lost to me. Envisioning your family disappearing one by one from your house could represent your guilt from a serious mistake you have recently made. You may not even be aware that what you did has resulted in something so terrible yet, but the news is sure to reach you soon. The dark malicious aura which follows and corners you suggests you have many questions now, such as how you can make up for what has been done. The full, detailed moon you saw in this dream could signify your interpersonal relations suffering while you struggle with what to do. It would be wise to dedicate your efforts to rectifying the situation before you turn your attention elsewhere.
An evil doll head A doll head follows me everywhere I go and tries to hurt and kill me, my family and friends. The doll head can control objects and possess objects. The doll's head by itself in your vision represents feelings of loneliness and isolation. You likely try to brush off these emotions or hide them from others for fear of these individuals becoming more distant that they already are, but in reality you feel all alone even when in the midst of a large group. The head attacking you, then, suggests that beyond others becoming more distant, you worry that they would reject you outright, either for not wanting to be closer to them or for some other reasons known to you. This vision is in essence the manifestation of your fears and doubts, indicating that if you want to get over them, you have to face them head on.
Removing a spirit from the body I was sitting on the floor of my living room and thought "I have a spirit in me that attracts riches, but I have never been happy", I was staying with my cousin and she was the one who took me to get that spirit. I was tired of the spirit, I told her to remove the spirit from my body, she did something and pinkish sweat and air started coming out through my pores all over my body and pink gas leaving my pores. After I looked at my hand and fingers, they had become wrinkled and scaled-like. You may be sensing an imbalance in your current existence as revealed in this dream scenario. The spirit giving you success on the professional front alludes to your focus and career-driven attitude. Success and recognition may have been your main purpose in the years leading up to this dream. Yet perhaps recently you are becoming weary of prioritizing your career with no one to share your ambitions and achievements with. You could be on the brink of deciding to shift priorities in favor of finding a romantic partner for a change. And yet the final scene in the dream sequence also reveals your fear of losing yourself or being unable to take care of your needs once another person is in the picture.
Making through a haunted house Dreams about a haunted house with a lot of rooms and a guy with an axe trying to kill me, a spider web made of rope and I am trying to cut it to escape and I get out of the rope web and I see this rectangle of blue jello-like box, but big and long. I grab scissors and cut a line and a lady comes by me and gives me her baby and said to protect it and I slid thru with the baby. Dreaming of being inside a large haunted house suggests you have a large network of friends and family who are willing to help you when you need it. However, envisioning yourself being chased by an ax-murder could be a warning that not everyone in your network is as sincere as they claim to be. In fact, you should be careful not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Your ability to break through the rope-like spider web in your vision is a promising sign, especially when combined with the image of protecting a young child. Both of these images suggest you would be able to weed out those who are untrue to you and avoid their malicious actions against you.
Gods and spirits at a funeral I am at a funeral wake overlooking the sea. When I look out towards the sea I can see three Gods that resemble Zeus, they are hovering above the sea. Sky is full of beautiful colors as the Sun begins to set. Then I turn to see that I'm surrounded by spirits. I didn't feel afraid it was all very calm. I didn't know whose funeral it was nor did I recognize any of the spirits. The theme of your dream overall has to do with new beginnings. The funeral, although a sad affair, actually means the opposite in dream interpretation. It speaks of receiving rewards and being lucky both for you and your family. The figure of Zeus, in this case, alludes to control and guidance. Since the sunset points to the end of suffering and the beginning of a new cycle in which you can finally regroup and get your bearings back in order, you would need a guiding light or force to help you pull yourself back up. Whether it means faith or your general outlook on life, it would be instrumental to the rewards and good tidings awaiting you and people who matter to you the most.
Turning into a ghost while being attacked We are in a messy room and there is an older man trying to hurt me. He can see me and feel me but I'm like a ghost to him, nothing I do can stop him from getting to me. The messy room in your dream reflects your mind's disarray. You are probably going through some emotional turmoil punctuated by self-doubt and uncertainty. Consequently, being unable to save someone from the old man points to your inability to stand up for yourself during pivotal moments in your life. Your insecurities and shortcomings are manifested in this dream perhaps due to your recent efforts to increase self-awareness of these personal issues.
Being pursued by an army of demons I dreamt of demons hunting me. At first I was protected with a fence, but they managed to enter and I ran with my baby and soon enough they learned where I was hiding and they came and threatened to kill me and my baby if we do not show up. I saw light in their eyes and their skin turned to be a frame, inside of them there was fire. They were so dangerous and many, so I came out and agreed to go with them and they were holding my baby. To dream of being chased or hunted by demons suggests lingering psychological and emotional issues. You could be prone to projecting your own fears and negative energies onto those around you, especially your loved ones. The demons symbolize self-doubt, short temper and other destructive habits or tendencies you may have harbored over the years. Being called out by the demons in this dream vision thereby points to a need for you to acknowledge you shortcomings and failures as a way to be freed of the darkness within you. The first step is always to confront your problems instead of running away from them or denying their existence.
Being chased by a couple of vampires I was being chased by a female vampire and a male one. Then I killed the male one and the female kept chasing me. I ran into the bathroom to escape but then I turned into a vampire and then turned into a man. Then I had sex with the female. Vampires in dreams are associated with mystery and sexuality. Your transformation into a vampire while also turning into a man could be indicative of your desire to explore your sexuality. Maybe you are still grappling with issues of sexual identity and you are just beginning to explore this area. Alternatively, being chased by vampires is likely a warning. Transforming into a vampire has also been associated with upcoming dangerous situations due to negligence or carelessness. The aftermath of this event may be difficult to deal with and you would be forever changed because of it.
Lifted up and wrapped in by a white ribbon I went to bed beside my girlfriend. Then my dream began from that same situation. This white long object looking like a rope or ribbon picked me up from the bed and have me suspended about two feet off the ground as it wrapped itself around me slowly. My girlfriend got up and ran to the door as she stood up in shock as well. I tried to loose myself from this object as it wrapped itself around me, but I was defenseless. I was in no pain. I was in shock that this was happening. Then I woke up. Dreaming that you are lying in bed with someone is a symbol of strained relationships. In this case, you may soon have a falling out with your girlfriend which could last for a long time and threaten to break you apart. Ribbons are symbols of childishness and frivolity, so the cause of the problem may be something petty or inconsequential. Perhaps the petty fight is just the last straw and there could be other problems piling up between the two of you over the course of the relationship. Finally, being wrapped by this rope or ribbon reflects your helplessness about the situation. Maybe you feel like you are trapped or your girlfriend does not listen to your side or explanation whenever you have arguments. Then again, maybe the problem is that you have trouble being honest with her or opening up to her about your issues.
Ghosts in a library I was in a giant library and I was looking for a room to rent and a ghost was following me and the head librarian came up to me and told me that ghosts were very drawn too me, but not in a bad way and not to be afraid. I went into another room and a ghost was following me and then it left and another ghost came and followed into another room and then I left and went to my car. The library in your dream speaks of your personal journey and the lessons you have learned. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your experience in different situations. Finding a room to rent is likely an allusion to your desire for personal growth. However, in order to do that, you need to be able to face your ghosts. The ghosts following you around can either symbolize your mind dwelling on things which cannot be brought back, or it may point toward past issues you have been trying to avoid. In both cases, there is an important lesson you need to learn before you would be able to move on to the next chapter of your journey.
Devil by the side of bed I have been struggling to sleep since I had this dream... It started off me looking at myself in my bed in my room, then it changed. It became a bed I was unfamiliar with, in an industrial hallway that never ended, but when I looked up, the devil was at the end of the bed. It was black, but had the yellow eyes like the one from "Evil dead". I couldn't look. When I did, part of my right leg was gone. I screamed. Opened my eyes again, more of my leg was gone. Then I woke, what does it mean? Dreaming about being in a strange bed in an unfamiliar room is an indication that you are about to be visited by someone you have not seen in a long time. This meeting could have a deep impact on your waking life. The fact that you could see the devil at the end of the bed symbolizes that you might indulge in an intimate encounter with this person, but get some unexpected or unfavorable outcomes as a result. The symbolism of a missing leg again carries negative connotations, it points towards the loss of a certain amount of wealth. The overall imagery of your dream implies that this encounter would have a negative impact on your life. Consider this as a warning and remain vigilant towards people who have the potential to harm you.
Voodoo practice causing fire I dreamt that I was at my psychoanalyst's office and he was performing a voodoo healing ceremony on me. It was a bit sexual. A log lit on fire and started to burn the building. We had to evacuate. My family showed up and were interrogating me about what happened. They believed I was having sexual relations with him. I wanted to talk to him but he made me promise I wouldn't say anything about the voodoo and I also had to distance myself from him. I wanted to ask him how to respond to the police. Seeing a psychoanalyst in this dream likely reveals an inner turmoil. You may be experiencing psychological and emotional distress as a result of an identity crisis. As such, the ritualistic voodoo healing alludes to the process of exorcising yourself of your personal demons, unsavory thoughts and morally reprehensible behavior. Your desires and values may be clashing, creating dissonance in your mind, hence you are looking for guidance and seeking clarity for these feelings you have. The implied sexual intimacy you had with the psychoanalyst could only be a manifestation of your guilt and shame. You are hiding something from your loved ones for fear of being judged. Ultimately, the fire that consumes the building refer to this period of transformation you would go through after you come to terms with who you really are.
An evil ghost switching babies A what seemed an evil ghost kept switching my baby with an nonhuman ghost baby and I had to keep chasing him and finding my baby frantically. An evil, menacing ghost which threatens your family is an ominous sign to perceive in a dream. It predicts inevitable changes that would negatively affect your household. Because your baby is the main victim in your dream, this could be directly related to your child, although it could also affect your family as a whole. Then again, trying to find your actual baby could also be an allusion to your quest in finding the perfect opportunity to succeed in your chosen career. Either way, you may want to be on the lookout for upcoming disruptions or threats which may make your life more difficult.
Bad things from the past materializing I was at a huge gathering with family, friends and people I've never met before. The song the band played made everyone go psycho! Every bad thing you ever did in your life took form into another you and tried to kill you. When you kill it, it disappeared and the next one came back, but was harder to kill. If it killed you before you killed it, it became you, but as a really bad person. There was a girl that I was with the whole time but when I tried to kill hers it would heal keep trying to kill her. The gathering of friends and loved ones in your dream suggests a reckoning with your personal demons. Reunions are typically associated with past events or loose ends. Hence, the evil doppelgangers you have to kill during this occasion likely reveal your struggle in suppressing self-destructive behavior or emotional outbursts. The fact that they keep coming back more evil and harder to kill may be referring to your tendency to repeat mistakes or fall into old patterns. In order to break free from your previous mistakes, you must learn to become more self-aware and find the motivation to become the best version of yourself.
An evil woman wanting soul A relative told me she could see an evil woman presence living in our home. And that she didn't like me and wanted my soul. That she followed me everywhere. An evil woman living in your home is an indication of some unavoidable negative circumstances coming into your life which could greatly affect your existence and be job-related or happen in your private life. The evil presence following you everywhere in the relative's dream points to stressful situations and troubles that could start taking place. Try to be more watchful and observant, so the effects of these circumstances are as minimal as possible.
Befriending a ghost of a girl I dreamed that I was in my parent's house (where I have had paranormal experiences in the past) and I was speaking to the ghost of a young woman named Allison. I have never met her in the waking world. She told me how she died and that she was the one who had been trying to communicate with me for all these years. I saw her clearly now though. I was not frightened, but felt at peace and fulfilled, that I was finally able to see her. We bonded but she vanished when my mom walked in the room. Meeting or having an encounter with a ghost in a dream vision could be indicative of emotional turmoil or discomfort which has been bothering you lately. It may seem like a petty issue on the surface, but it is one that you may consider to be important due to its mysterious and enigmatic nature. Given that the ghost woman Allison has attempted to contact you before, it could mean that this situation is slowly revealing itself to you or that now you are at an age when you can begin to understand the complexity of the reality. The idea that your mother triggered the sudden ending to this encounter by walking into the room may further suggest that you are the only one who can truly comprehend and deal with this situation, meaning you have some special calling or purpose in this story. You would have to focus your mind and energy to hear the message and understand what it is asking you to do.
Zombies inside the childhood house I was in the house I grew up in, where my father still currently resides. I found my dead mother's corpse wrapped in plastic underneath a bed. My boyfriend and I lifted it onto the bed. Part of the plastic came unwrapped. In the other room, I heard a zombie-like snarl from the room her body was in and felt the need to escape the house. When I came running back to rescue my kids, they were already safely outside. Finding the corpse of your dearly departed mother in your childhood home represents some dark periods or memories from your past resurfacing in the present. The fact that your boyfriend was with you during this time may indicate either his part in bringing these old memories to light or his taking care of you while you deal with the half-healed wounds. Safely escaping the zombies with your children at the end of the vision points toward a new period of growth and happiness in your life. Once you close the book on the darkness in your past, you would be able to experience a bright new future.
A black entity coming into contact through palms I had a dream where someone, in a shadowy form, was trying to hold onto my palm as though to rub off or get at something from my palm. This shadowy figure was that of the shape of a woman. It sneaked around me and on three different unsuspecting times, it tried to rub off its palm on mine as though to take something away from me, say my virtue, gifts, position. But in all three attempts, I refused to let it get out anything from me. The shadowy image of a woman you saw in your dream may show some hypocrisy in your current beliefs. For example, you may have been holding onto a certain set of morals or ideas since you were a child, but now you act in a way that directly opposes what you say you believe in. In this way, the image of this shadow trying to reveal what is in your hand may reflect your subconscious desire to show yourself who you truly are. Your refusal to give anything up, however, may prove that you are not yet ready to give up these past ideals. Until you are ready to do so, you may find it difficult to have peace of mind.
Being chased by demons My husband was driving us to my mom's house one night. He noticed a demon-type creature on the side of the road that I couldn't see, then it popped into existence, along with a swarm of others. I knew we'd be safe after getting to my mom's, so I tried calling her to make sure the door was unlocked. Each time I dialed her number, it changed to the wrong number. We got to my mom's and the door was locked, causing us to panic. I woke up as the creatures were swarming around us. Female. Being pursued or chased by a swarm of demons in the dream world suggests lingering psychological and emotional issues. There may be some brewing issues or problems in your marriage due to disagreements or personal issues coming from either or both of you. Demons in dreams typically symbolize self-doubt, anger and other negative emotions as well as destructive habits you may have harbored over the years. Your bond could be tested by your personal demons. Meanwhile, your mother's locked house likely reflects feelings of rejection and insecurities. Perhaps you feel like your relatives are not as supportive about your marriage and that you have to navigate marital issues on your own.
Sexual assault by an unknown entity In my dream I arrive home (it's not my home as I know it though in reality) with my husband, he stood at the other end of the room, a non-entity (we can't see anything) takes my coat off, lifts my top and bra and bites my breast. I'm screaming, unable to move and my husband can't get to me. I struggled to wake from this dream. Dreaming that there is an intruder in your home suggests instability in your relationship with your husband or between you and someone close to you. Something may have changed in your dynamics or you have observed changes in their behavior that is causing friction between the two of you. In addition, this conflict may be wearing you down or causing you to drop your guard. Perhaps there is something wanted from you that you cannot provide. Specifically, the bite to your breast may be an allusion to dependency and motherhood. Maybe your husband wants to have a baby but you are not ready for this kind of responsibility. Alternatively, the entity may refer to someone in your social circle who is becoming too clingy or a little too privy to your personal affairs.
A house haunted by a girl A young girl is haunting a house. She is not a threat to me but haunting my friend. She will pull me and my friends into a family portrait. There is also sometimes a war going on in the house but only I can see it. Or there was a swarm of bees near her. The young girl haunting your friend in the dream means your friend could be hiding something from you. This secret may be connected to a past mistake or problems from before which are starting to manifest in the present. There could also be some guilt or shame involved. Additionally, the swarm of bees near the girl alludes to work and restlessness. As such, this issue or burden your friend is carrying could be connected to a former job or a past occupation. You could soon be contacted by this company or pursued by your friend's former employers.
A house with evil inside luring people in My dream was about moving into a house that was evil that hypnotized everyone who walked inside it into not leaving. There were evil forces in the house and you could feel them but you didn't want to leave once you were inside. I also couldn't scream once I was inside. I never saw anything evil but I was terrified of whatever evil was there. A dream wherein you can sense an evil presence is actually a manifestation of what might be going around in your wake life. Evil is often associated with emotions of repression. Perhaps you are facing a difficult problem which seems to be causing feelings of anger and hurt within you. The notion of the evil capturing everyone inside refers to your own negativity which engulfs those around you. The inability to scream out loud further points towards the suppression which you are experiencing. It would be better to confide to your loved ones in order to avoid feeling oppressed.
A demon from a dark cloud My dream was me waking up under spiritual attack. Had a dark cloud around me and my voice sounded demonic. In my dream I started shouting for the demon to go away and started to yell "Jesus" until I woke. The dark cloud that surrounds you in this vision represents little doubts about your religion that eat at the back of your mind. This is likely the work of the demon in this vision, a minion of Satan. It is possible that your doubts are beginning to get in the way of more fundamental beliefs. Calling out to Jesus, in the context of this vision, suggests you are aware of what is happening and desire to find a way to have unconditional trust once more. The journey back to this spiritual place, however, would require much study and self-reflection.
A family member turning into someone My family member was changing to a different being. Was scared of something, I would go and try to calm that person down but had to clear cobwebs out of the way to get to the person. Dreaming that someone you know is becoming someone else in the dream world is a reflection of the changes you see taking place in this individual's life in reality. These could be good changes, like getting over an addiction, or negative changes, like alienating others or behaving poorly. In either case, clearing cobwebs to get to this person shows your desire and ability to help this person, suggesting you have some gift that complements their traits.
Unable to move because of a strange hand I was in bed, sitting right next to my friend talking to her and I felt a cold hand go onto my side and sharp nails dug into my side and I could not move any part of my body besides my left hand. So with my left hand I started slowly pointing to her that my left hand could barely move. I could not talk or move any other part of my body. I could not see whose hand it was. It lasted about 5 minutes of pain and I finally woke up and found out I was actually poking my friend in my sleep. Dreaming of being paralyzed or unable to move usually represents feelings of helplessness or a sense of futility in your waking life. Perhaps you have not been having the best time as of late and you are starting to think that there is little you can do to fix it. Alternatively, your inability to move in this dream scenario suggests that while your were dreaming, your mind could still be aware of the surroundings and your immobile body while in a sleep mode. Sometimes straddling in this state of being half-asleep can cause panic and anxiety, hence dreamers try to wake themselves up before it turns into a nightmare.
Being attacked by own self I fell asleep in my recliner. In my dream I was in my recliner, wearing the same clothes. Everything looked exactly like it did in reality. Suddenly, I was being attacked by an evil being. I knew she wasn't human because she hovered over me. But, she was the mirror image of me! She was even wearing the same exact clothes. Terrifying! Seeing the mirror image of yourself in a dream vision often reflects some stressful situation you are facing in reality. For example, this could be related to your personal life, meaning you may be having trouble with family members or distant relations. On the other hand, this symbol may represent bringing problems from your work or community home with you, suggesting that you cannot escape the pressure even in your personal space. The evil presence you felt from the mirror image could indicate that the stress and darkness within you is eating up or changing who you are now. You may even fear that the changes would be irreversible. However, until you face the issues and solve the problems, you are unlikely to have peace of mind.
Sister's soul I saw my sister is dead, but her soul is still living. She is moving into another house. I am worried and crying. Sometimes my mum and my sister are decorating her new house as her soul will disappear soon... The presence of your sister's soul in this dream is a symbol that suggests you would have much hardship and heartache in waking life. Your enemies or people who dislike you could start gossiping behind your back, and your friends would either be unwilling or unable to help you. Your worries and tears within the dream represent much the same in reality, indicating that your emotions during this period would be overwhelmingly negative. The decorating you envisioned may point toward a need to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges.
Saving a tiger cub from demons Saving a tiger cub while demons are attacking. The tiger cub in your dream represents youth and all the meanings associated with it, including being carefree and innocent. The demons, on the other hand, are the threats all around you, usually negative emotions threatening to transform you into a cynical and pessimistic version of yourself. Perhaps despite all the disheartening things taking place in your community and all around the world, you are still trying to preserve your sense of wonder and zest for life.
Being a vampire and fighting a werewolf My dream was about I'm a vampire and I'm fighting a werewolf. The werewolf is my crush. Being or becoming a vampire in the dream world often represents some careless action in reality. You may have failed to prepare for something properly or turned in work that was rattled with errors and inaccuracies. The result of your actions can be seen in the image of the werewolf, a symbol commonly associated with bad tidings. You may be disappointed by the outcome of some task or not be properly rewarded due to your poor performance elsewhere. The idea that you fought this werewolf despite the attraction could reveal budding acknowledgement of your problems and a desire to fix them, although the exact method for doing so would require more time and thought.
Defeating demons and growing wings Demons had burnt down my house and turned my home city into a wasteland. I was completely surrounded by them. Suddenly, I knew what to do. A power rose from me and I began to speak strange words. Then, all around me, the demons were cast out of their bodies. I was able to save my family. But when I looked over my shoulder, I realized I'd sprouted a pair of large, black wings.They were the same color as the demons. Demons are the manifestation of our desire for power and influence in the dream world. Therefore, seeing your house and home city in ruins as a result of the demons' invasion could represent your ambitions destroying everything you love and hold dear. The other important symbol in this vision is the wings you grew at the end. Wings can be associated with material wealth and property, although the black color seen in your vision may reveal that the source of your prosperity may not be legal or morally sound, further contributing to the issues described. It would seem that your efforts to become rich, famous or influential would not come without consequences. If you wish to proceed, you should be willing to part with your past and current ambitions completely.
Being attacked by a ghost I was attacked by a ghost. An encounter with a ghost in the dream world alludes to your psychological state. Being attacked by this ghost could be indicative of impending emotional breakdown. Perhaps you have some pent up anger and frustration building up inside you which could lead to a complete meltdown. The cause of your anger may just be a petty issue or a minor annoyance, but your tendency to keep things to yourself may make things grow much worse.
Something with a face growing on the back I'm a female. I had a dream there were marks on my back and it started to grow big and thick. Heavy, that I couldn't walk. When I looked it was growing right over my shoulders and my mother touched it and it tried to bite her hand, it had a face. The marks you saw on your back represent the anger and frustration you would feel as as result of someone's actions against you. It is possible the other person would say or do something harsh or inappropriate, either as an accident or on purpose, which would cause you distress. However, seeing the marks grow and develop a mind of their own suggests you would let your negative feelings take control of you. You could hurt others, like your mother, if you lash out at them for no reason other than your own bad attitude.
A dot on the wall and a demon in the room I am in a white room or hallway and I see a black dot in the distance, then I blinked and it was gone. I turned around after and a demon appeared in front of me covered in blood. The white room in your dream suggests new beginnings and a fresh start. You could be tired of your routines and daily existence, hence you are looking for new opportunities. Meanwhile, demons generally represent negative thoughts and attitudes. This means that while you may be actively looking for ways to break out of your current situation, you are also a victim of your own pessimistic views. Perhaps you feel insecure about your own skills and capabilities. So the only way to achieve your goals would be to focus on what is important and confront your inner demons.
Being followed by a dead person on a boat I'm a girl. I was in a houseboat with multiple decks with my family. When I was having a look throughout the boat, I entered one open store room, like an area on the upper deck and saw a guy lying on his stomach. When I turned him, I saw he was dead, but suddenly he opened his eyes. I covered him and came downstairs. After that, his soul kept following me saying he will make me talk with him as I didn't help him (wrote on a mirror). Later on he confesses, he loves me and shows his face in the mirror. Dreaming about finding yourself on a boat along with your family could mean a brighter future ahead and favorable news coming your way, perhaps even some major changes for the better. However, dreaming about talking or interacting with a dead person could mean someone close to you, such as a family member or a friend, wants to reach out in order to overcome some of the hardships he or she may be facing at the moment. Similarly, the image of a strange person communicating to you through a mirror is associated with someone trying to establish a contact with you which, when initiated, could be very important to your and their well-being.
Falling down the stairs and rising back as an angel Female. Recurring, once in a while, rare dream I had all of my childhood. I walk down the stairs, then I fall to the bottom of the stairs. However, I rise back up, like an angel and then proceed to walk down the stairs as normal. When you dream about yourself tumbling down the stairs, it could be a negative sign, a metaphor of yourself moving downwards and distancing yourself from your main objectives. The imagery of falling down could also mean there is an envious person who wants you to fail at everything you do. However, since by the end of the dream you managed to come back up as angel, it is an indication that you are resilient enough to endure these possible attacks, but should be cautious about how you utilize your strong sides while protecting your weak spots.
An angel passing through fire In my dream I was outside by a fire and an angel passed through the flames and came right at me, no words were spoken. When you dream about seeing an angel, it could mean you are about to go through some events that will astonish you and touch the core of your existence, such as some drastic change or transformation which could be beneficial because of new opportunities it could bring along. Also, witnessing a fire that is harmless could also be a symbol of abundance and a lifestyle characterized by prosperity and wealth. Perhaps these are the outcomes of what the drastic change would bring about.
Friendly ghosts in the bedroom I am a male, age 54, I dreamt that I was lying in bed and saw a ghost on my right hand side on my bedroom wall and then another one walking on my right, walking past and next to my bed. They both seemed to be friendly. Envisioning the presence of a friendly ghost in the realm of dreams could indicate you are about to experience a boost to your good luck. This means that your current endeavors and projects would be completed on time and with great success. Plans or even random events are likely to go in your favor as well. Two ghosts may reveal that there are two specific areas of your life which would benefit from this period of time.
A demon that kills loved ones Female. I lose someone I care about and spend what feels like a long time finding them and it's frustrating and a lot of times I find them again but they are not the same person anymore and they either want nothing to do with me or avoid me. Once (this is a reoccurring dream, just different settings and sometimes people) I found them and a demon or something dark spoke through them and taunted me, then killed the person I cared about. Trying to find a loved one in a dream means that there is a growing gap between you and this person. Perhaps you risk losing this loved one or your dynamic becomes irreparably changed due to a rift or conflict. It can also signify insecurity whenever you feel rejected or inadequate in the dream. Your abandonment issues may be resurfacing because of changes in their behavior you have recently observed. Alternatively, the demon that killed your loved one in the dream probably refers to your weaknesses and personal issues. The demon may be your short temper, insecurities or any negative emotion you may be holding inside of you. Maybe you need to confront your own demons in order to avoid alienating your loved ones.
Demons splitting body in half I dreamt there was a crash and I seen the corpses, as I ran down for help there was an old graveyard, I must have walked on the wrong stones because I came to well-dressed demons with red eyes that wouldn't let me leave, then tried to get me into an old stone building, they split me in two and forced one half in that I couldn't get to again if I went in after I was gone. They were very forceful, they told me they are coming for the other half and there's nothing I can do to stop it, I woke up. Dreaming about being chased and intimidated by demons could mean that you are facing lingering psychological or emotional issues, particularly if you are in a relationship with someone. You could be having problems with your spouse or any other loved one, which may have led you to acquire destructive habits. Demons are often a manifestation of multiplying issues or self-doubt, anger and other harmful emotions and those negative feelings are often the reason why our bond with other people becomes strained and eventually breaks. The vision you had of being divided in half could symbolize your worries of struggling with such negative emotions and being unable to handle your relationships properly. Perhaps you should muster enough courage to face your inner demons and improve your relationships with others so you are not perturbed by demonic forces in your dreams.
A dark figure setting things on fire Poltergeist activity in my home. I was scared, then this huge figure appeared and started setting fire to all my precious belongings, he was laughing and taunting me. I assumed it was the Devil, the dream was very traumatic and has really shaken me. Your dream could point to the presence of someone close to you who may be plotting to lead you astray in your current situation, possibly alluring you with the idea of an alternative lifestyle you may be aspiring to, but who could actually destroy the relationships you have with the people you love or ruin you financially. You should be aware of the people you are surrounding yourself with and be suspicious of any lofty promises of happiness from someone you cannot trust completely.
Future being revealed while in space I had a dream about standing in line whilst the people in said line were chained whilst I was not chained. The line started moving as guards keep telling us not to tell the person or thing that we were meeting their plans. This whole ordeal happened in space. The person or thing we were supposed to meet would supposedly foretell the future of each of us. I have seen one woman confess her plans and the said person or thing got upset and started killing the guards and whomever was in control of us. Standing or waiting in line with a group of people in a dream is usually associated with patience and timing. Seeing that the others in the same line are chained could reveal your proactive and assertive personality. Perhaps you think that your friends and colleagues in the real world are too shackled by their limitations and worldly preoccupations that they are not advancing or improving as quickly as they should. Alternatively, you may think they are not realizing their full potential because they are endlessly comparing themselves to others and mindlessly following what others are doing. You, on the other hand, are free to leave the line which means you can explore other opportunities and find new work which would challenge you. However, just like everybody else you may be anxious and fearful about your future, as indicated by the entities foretelling your fate. And because guards are symbols of wisdom and self-discipline in dreams, their death could represent irrationality. In a sense, succumbing to your fears or letting your apprehensions about the future take over could cloud you judgment and keep you from grabbing opportunities as they come.
Freeing a spirit that turns into a butterfly I freed a a spirit that was scary, but all she wanted was to be free, and when I freed her she turned into a big butterfly. Spirits usually refer to the dreamer's awareness of mortality and fear of death. Since the spirit was perceived to be scary or malicious, freeing a spirit could be an indication of your desire to purge yourself of your bad habits and negative thoughts. In doing so, you envision it turning into a butterfly which symbolizes happiness and transformation. Perhaps you think that changing who you are inside would reflect in your outward appearance. On the other hand, the scary nature of the spirit may be a misconception as you described. You may feel misunderstood in reality because you are afraid of expressing yourself and being true to who you are. In that sense, the act of freeing it could be an allusion to being honest and embracing your true self. Being free to show who you are would then allow everyone to see your true colors and consequently embrace you for your courage and integrity.
Surrounded by demons I am a 19 year old female. I was in an underground place with a reddish illumination. It looked to be demons or some demonic creatures gathered together. Looking to be fighting or eating at something. Then they turned to me and it felt like I was forced out if my dream. Dreaming that you are underground means you have entered your own subconscious. Consequently, the gathering of demons which you saw in the vision are your own personal demons that are unknown to you or issues that have been repressed because you are not willing to confront them. This is also why it felt like you were forced out of your own dream. You do not want to accept or acknowledge these aspects of your personality, so you would rather turn a blind eye on them. However, because of the fact that you dreamt of this scenario, it means you are almost ready to look within yourself. A pivotal event would make you unravel and make these repressed issues rise to the surface. This could either help you heal or bring out your bad side.
Boyfriend becoming a zombie I had a boyfriend who was nice, and he loved to spend time with me. He wore green a lot. He was willing to go and die for me. We were in a zombie apocalypse, and he raced out ahead of me to fight even though I was going to help him. He ended up becoming a zombie himself, and wanted to try and kill me, but a part of him couldn't. I went inside a house for nine years hiding from him, but I missed him so much. I thought about him every day. He was still a zombie trying to come inside. In this vision, your boyfriend seems to represent all that is happy and good in your life. For example, the presence of a lover or significant other by itself usually represents love in a general sense, while the green clothing he wore could be symbolic of other sources of happiness in your life, such as a fulfilling job, a supportive family or an interesting hobby. When your boyfriend turns into a zombie while fighting to save you, however, it suggests you have a tendency to overindulge. For example, perhaps you spend too much time playing rather than working, or maybe you spend more time hanging out with your friends than working on your familial relationships. Whatever the case, this lack of discipline may haunt you in the future. You could lose out on important opportunities or destroy a relationship because you did not recognize its importance. This vision is warning you to think carefully about what truly matters to you and not to over do it, especially when it comes to things that are not important for your future.
Being reached by light from a man I saw a dream in Haridwar where a light came from a man and a snake came in between and the light reached me and the dream finished? The light emanating from a man represents enlightenment and wisdom. This man represents a spiritual adviser, mentor or even a holy being whom you trust for guidance. Meanwhile, the snake represents a malicious being or a negative influence who is trying to get between you and your beliefs. This individual would try to derail your path and tempt you into committing sinful acts and disgraceful behavior. Fortunately, your will and personal values would win. You would get yourself back on track, living a life you can be proud of.
A black figure with an evil smile My cousins and I were finding our way out of a building and as we were running I saw a black figure with wings go by really quickly and as I was going to wake up I saw her face and she smiled but it was a creepy smile. Trying to leave or escape a building refers to your rebellious nature. Authority figures in your life are trying to steer you into specific paths which they think would result in a better future for you and your cousins. However, you have other ideas and plans for yourself. So in this scenario, you are trying to stand up to your elders and other individuals who are advising you to pick a certain course, job or opportunity instead of following your passions. Similarly, the winged creature or female in the vision is the one you are most afraid of. In reality this is someone you look up to and possibly hold in high esteem. She could be the reason why you cannot fully decide to go your own way because you are afraid of disappointing her.
A baby stolen by a ghost I am a 36 year old female, a mother of two. I had three dreams now that my baby is being stolen from me, the weirdest one a few nights ago was that a ghost or spirit took him, he was swaddled up in a blanket, literally floating away from me. I was trying to grab him back down I couldn’t see the ghost or spirit. Dreaming that your baby has been snatched, stolen or taken away from you reveals your anxieties about keeping your child safe and secure, especially if there are threats in your surroundings. Your maternal instinct is trying to strengthen your defenses to keep your children out of the harm's way. In particular, the ghost or spirit that took your baby provides a specific clue about your source of anxiety regarding their safety. The spirit symbolizes the unknown, so it is possible that the quickly changing world, brought about by the advancements in technology, is making you feel afraid about the kind of future your children would live in and whether or not you are capable of shielding them from the harsh realities of life.
Someone's spirit enterting a goat I'm a 21-year old female and I dreamt about someone's spirit that had entered a goat and the goat could change from being huge to a small one, it had blocked me and grandma's way and told us we were to pass only if we repeated what it told us, so it was saying things while we were repeating the stuff and fleeing. It followed us and at last caught up with grandma and I'm not sure if it killed her because I only recall me saying it's the spirit of Njenga, then woke up scared. Goats are symbolic of bad behavior in reality, so envisioning a goat that could transform itself by growing bigger and smaller may mean you tend to rub people the wrong way. It is possible that this only refers to those outside of your family, meaning what you find appropriate to do around your family members and close friends could be considered rude or too familiar by those outside of those circles. The repetition you had to speak and the idea that the goat followed you and your grandmother suggests you are starting to realize these issues are holding you back from advancing in certain areas in your life. Perhaps you even see a parallel between your life and hers. They say that those who do not know their past are doomed to repeat it, and this may very well be the case with you. It might be time to embrace the family history and find out how you can improve your life based on what you learn.
Grandmother possessed by demons My grandma screamed she was going to hurt me for looking in the fridge, then became possessed, we ran down a grassy field as she tried to stab me with scissors, I got them and slashed her stomach. The demon possessing her showed me kids who were watching and traumatized by the slashing. Then voices sounding like kids told me she "The Demon" possessed grandma so they would not fly to hell, then the demon told me too kill her and the kids' spirits had to slice the neck, I did twice and woke. I am female. Demons as dream symbols are the embodiment of negative thoughts and energies present in reality. Turbulent emotions and dark thoughts can often lead to a sense of helplessness and dwindling hope. So, dreams about relatives being possessed actually reveals your own lack of direction. You need the guidance of elders and wiser people to help you sort out your problems. In addition, stabbing your possessed grandma with scissors means you want to take control of your life. In order to do so, you have to swallow your pride and listen to other people's advice, especially those who have more experience than you. Killing your grandma symbolizes maturity and killing the kids represents letting go of childish thoughts and behavior so you can become more responsible and self-sufficient.
A shadowy creature in the room I've been seeing a black shadowy creature with fuzzy static edges. Has a long snout and pointy ears like a jackal or werewolf. No distinguishable features other than that. Appears in most dreams. Sometimes in a group of 3. Usually I have a sense of foreboding or fear when they appear. They don't attack, they just stand there. The last dream I opened my door, 3 of them were standing there and then I got a strong taste and smell similar to old tube TV's when you turn them on and sit close. This fearsome creature in your dream represents a problem or situation that you are refusing to confront. This is also the reason why this creature has appeared multiple times and as several instances during various dream scenarios. Your subconscious is forcing you to face this issue head on. The number three usually refers to past, present and future, so this dream symbol can give you further clues about what you are actively trying to avoid. For example, a past transgression, wrongdoing or mistakes could still be haunting you. In short, this is your own darkness that is trying to surface. Instead of dealing with it, you prefer to ignore or deny it. And until you take accountability and become responsible for the consequences of your actions, even your future will be filled with fear and anxiety.
Pretending to be possessed by a ghost Setting: a haunted hotel. Me talking to guests in the lobby, weird humor, pretended to get possessed by a resident ghost, awareness of actual possession, could not move in the dream, half woke, still unable to move my body. A haunted hotel in the dream world is a mixed symbol. It portends both difficulty in making or keeping money and receiving a helping hand from those around you. In essence, you may fall on hard times yourself, but you have a strong support network you can rely on, such as your family and close friends. Your fake possession followed by your inability to move due to a real possession point toward both unclear thinking and a tendency to avoid the problem rather than addressing it. Specifically, being unable to move your body suggests you hold two opposing views. In the context of this vision, it seems to mean you want to receive this help without actually admitting that you want or need it. It is possible you could fix or even improve your situation on your own, but it may be a better idea to let others be generous and accept their assistance with thanks. It would alleviate immediate troubles and allow you to focus better on any potential troubles ahead.
Bad energy Bad energy. Sensing negative or bad energy in dreams is a bad omen. You are going to face an evil person in reality who is plotting very dangerous and harmful things. You need to be vigilant. There are occasions to be polite, but when it becomes apparent that a person is a danger to you and society at large, and capable of physically hurting people, you need to report this individual to proper authorities.
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