Grandmother possessed by demons My grandma screamed she was going to hurt me for looking in the fridge, then became possessed, we ran down a grassy field as she tried to stab me with scissors, I got them and slashed her stomach. The demon possessing her showed me kids who were watching and traumatized by the slashing. Then voices sounding like kids told me she "The Demon" possessed grandma so they would not fly to hell, then the demon told me too kill her and the kids' spirits had to slice the neck, I did twice and woke. I am female. Demons as dream symbols are the embodiment of negative thoughts and energies present in reality. Turbulent emotions and dark thoughts can often lead to a sense of helplessness and dwindling hope. So, dreams about relatives being possessed actually reveals your own lack of direction. You need the guidance of elders and wiser people to help you sort out your problems. In addition, stabbing your possessed grandma with scissors means you want to take control of your life. In order to do so, you have to swallow your pride and listen to other people's advice, especially those who have more experience than you. Killing your grandma symbolizes maturity and killing the kids represents letting go of childish thoughts and behavior so you can become more responsible and self-sufficient.
A shadowy creature in the room I've been seeing a black shadowy creature with fuzzy static edges. Has a long snout and pointy ears like a jackal or werewolf. No distinguishable features other than that. Appears in most dreams. Sometimes in a group of 3. Usually I have a sense of foreboding or fear when they appear. They don't attack, they just stand there. The last dream I opened my door, 3 of them were standing there and then I got a strong taste and smell similar to old tube TV's when you turn them on and sit close. This fearsome creature in your dream represents a problem or situation that you are refusing to confront. This is also the reason why this creature has appeared multiple times and as several instances during various dream scenarios. Your subconscious is forcing you to face this issue head on. The number three usually refers to past, present and future, so this dream symbol can give you further clues about what you are actively trying to avoid. For example, a past transgression, wrongdoing or mistakes could still be haunting you. In short, this is your own darkness that is trying to surface. Instead of dealing with it, you prefer to ignore or deny it. And until you take accountability and become responsible for the consequences of your actions, even your future will be filled with fear and anxiety.
Pretending to be possessed by a ghost Setting: a haunted hotel. Me talking to guests in the lobby, weird humor, pretended to get possessed by a resident ghost, awareness of actual possession, could not move in the dream, half woke, still unable to move my body. A haunted hotel in the dream world is a mixed symbol. It portends both difficulty in making or keeping money and receiving a helping hand from those around you. In essence, you may fall on hard times yourself, but you have a strong support network you can rely on, such as your family and close friends. Your fake possession followed by your inability to move due to a real possession point toward both unclear thinking and a tendency to avoid the problem rather than addressing it. Specifically, being unable to move your body suggests you hold two opposing views. In the context of this vision, it seems to mean you want to receive this help without actually admitting that you want or need it. It is possible you could fix or even improve your situation on your own, but it may be a better idea to let others be generous and accept their assistance with thanks. It would alleviate immediate troubles and allow you to focus better on any potential troubles ahead.
Bad energy Bad energy. Sensing negative or bad energy in dreams is a bad omen. You are going to face an evil person in reality who is plotting very dangerous and harmful things. You need to be vigilant. There are occasions to be polite, but when it becomes apparent that a person is a danger to you and society at large, and capable of physically hurting people, you need to report this individual to proper authorities.
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