Five golden keys in a box Holding a box with 5 golden keys in it. The vision of golden keys in a box in your dream is a positive sign which speaks of receiving a reward or incentive for something you are trying to complete at the moment or have recently accomplished. If you felt like the keys were valuable and important in this dream, it means that soon you would be presented with a rare opportunity to get involved in an endeavor which is important to you. Most likely, this kind of opportunity would be related to volunteer activities or some community work or activities. The number of keys (five) could be also related to your hand (five fingers), that is something you are working on with your hands, rather than intellectual or mental type of work.
Number three in a dream I had a dream about three men ministers I know now, I listen to all them. The number three keep coming up in the present, what does number three have to do with me? Dreaming of remembering a particular number or associating it with things or people in a dream means you are getting ready to encounter and live through a very exciting, rewarding and life-changing occasion or event that will make you feel very satisfied and happy for a very long time period. The number three is a sign you might receive a proposition or deal which may require you to invest a lot of time and energy into making it successful, noting the appearance of ministers in this dream, it could be church-related.
Being stabbed near a stone with symbols depicted on it I am a 24-year old male. In my dream I am playing in front of the buildings I used to live 15 years ago. I can't remember the reason, someone whom I didn't even see approached and stabbed me and I started bleeding. I was dying in my dream, but lying on the floor, I saw this: It was either a wall or a big stone wheel, but it had carved in a sun with a face with many other details around the face. And I see blood (my own I guess) pouring down that carving. The blood was blue in color. Thank you. Dreaming about being in a familiar place from wake life, particularly one from your childhood, indicates being in a safe or comfortable place in your life. The peace you are experiencing, however, is likely to be disturbed in the near future, as predicted by the stabbing you experienced. Being stabbed with a knife, especially in this sudden, jarring manner, suggests some jealous, impatient person is about to make a direct move against you. Blood is often connected to reputation, so it seems likely that this person is interested in irreparably damaging your reputation through untrue gossip and ill rumors. The giant stone you see represents feeling alone and isolated from others, unable to move and call out for help. You may fear that your friends have abandoned you or are not available now that you are in need of their assistance. You may want to take precautions and reassure yourself that your friends have your back after experiencing this vision.
Lying in bed and pages falling with symbols I was laying in bed wide awake with my eyes shut listening to the TV, the sound of the TV suddenly stopped and I couldn't think clearly, and then I had a vision I guess and about 10 pages fell on me with red writing and upside down pentagram in the upper left corner of the pages. One that stopped I had what appeared to be a wolf eye staring at me. This really freaked me out. This dream has a few complicated symbols which stand out. First, being in your bed in a dream suggests some troubles with relationships, especially romantic ones. If you are in a relationship or pursuing someone, there may be some obstacles or difficulties along the way. Seeing red writing in particular on the papers that fell suggests acting primarily on emotions and not considering the facts of a situation before acting. Finally, having eye contact with a wolf is a negative sign predicting forthcoming bad news. This vision seems to be a warning that your impulsive behavior may have negative effects on your relationships in the future if not worked on.
A neighbor calling the numbers incorrectly I dreamt about a neighbor finally leaving the house we live in, he was very happy and shouting the Roman numeral 8, but he was saying it wrong, saying viiii. I got shocked and told my brother he was wrong, that instead of viiii it was viiii. Please what does this dream mean. Thank you. Dreaming about trying to correct someone when they were citing numbers while being in a happy and cheerful mood could indicate that there is a certain degree of rivalry or competition going on between you and this person. You may also intentionally downgrade or play down his progress or achievements in something that is equally important both to him and you, as taking out an extra "i" would suggest. Overall, this dream vision is a reflection of some existing tensions or superficial competitiveness you tend to be preoccupied with, which sometimes could be disadvantageous or even damaging.
Strange geometric formations in a lucid dream I saw the most fluid vision that I have ever seen in a dream before. It was all black vision with 6-9-ish brown cogs formed into a ball. They weren't connected perfectly and were rotating and spinning around each other. At the center of each cog was a very defined center point. Like each cog had a meaning different from any other cog. I only was asleep for 10 to 15 minutes and I never slept so hard in my life. When someone tried to wake me up, I could feel their presence, but I know I was still sleeping. I tried to wake up, but It was impossible to open my eyes or even move. Dreaming about strange shapes, especially with specific geometric or spacial arrangements pertaining to the visions, speak of you inability or unwillingness to accept a view or opinion expressed by another person. You could be criticizing or rejecting someone's idea, advice or suggestion just because you feel it is inconvenient, inappropriate or unacceptable. Conversely, you may have experienced this kind of attitude and rejection toward yourself lately when you shared your own way of thinking or acting in the presence of other people.
Flying, seeing colors and symbols It was kind of a lucid dream, but I couldn't control anything but myself. I woke up in a purple room. I was wearing these weird purple pajamas. I looked out the window and saw I was in a tower. I flew around and saw my friend sleeping in another tower. I flew around some more and then I found a dark green alter-type bed with a weird black symbol that looked kind of like a skull. I played down and this person appears and stabbed me. The prominence of purple colors in this vision is a manifestation of your recent realization of the need to liberate yourself from a long-standing uncertainty or ambiguity which exists in your relationship with other people, possibly your close friend. This is supported by flying around, which is symbolic of reaching an important decision or making a choice which could help you resolve this situation. However, the dark and black colors at the end coupled with the act of stabbing could also be pointing to a great deal of resistance and hostility you are about to face, but it seems to be the only course of action for you to take.
A bishop providing with numbers My bishop gave me a number 43-25-5. Seeing a priest or some other member of the clergy in your dreams might be an indication of possible conflicts breaking out among your family members, most likely over business or financial issues. Although more pertaining to numerology, the diminishing order of the numbers you were given, could also be indicative of your strong points or arguments slowly losing their power, either because the other party makes a lot of sense or because you would want to find a reasonable and quick way to resolve these disagreements.
Waking up and discovering a tattoo with symbols While asleep, my right arm started burning with pain, I screamed out to mother, after a while mother waked me up, and a scratched tattoo on my arm appeared. The tattoo was a combination of lines with information scratched within every line. It said that the woman that had scratched me was named IRENE, in another line my personal information, in another line a phoenix symbol and another line a Chinese letter. Dreams about aching arms are an ill omen, which could represent dark forces circling your life. Arms that throb with pain in a dream could also indicate a more serious physical danger, like a car accident or work-related injury, occurring in the near future. This prediction parallels the vision of a tattoo appearing on the arm, and, if you do not have any tattoos in reality, could be pointing to emerging need to leave your home for a long period time or relocate. This move could be the consequence of negative circumstances befalling you, and the multitude and variety of symbols depicted on your arm are a stern warning to be watchful of threats or dangerous situations hinted by these symbols.
Someone drawing symbols on the back An unknown person was tracing someone's name into my back with their finger. There was no blood, only a soft touch and I was laying in bed with my back turned at the time. The bed I was on was not mine. Dreaming of being in bed with a stranger is a positive sign. You may soon receive some good news in the form of an opportunity, a possible work promotion, or getting that deal you have been trying to close. Waking up in an unknown bed also corresponds to a new perspective or fresh outlook in life. Whatever good fortune it is that is coming your way, it will influence other aspects of your existence. Please note that another interpretation of the bed in dreams has to do with the consequences of your actions. Whether the bed is neatly made or in disarray could signify what you make of the chances you take in life.
Shapes which include images of moon Namaste. I had a dream about two triangles with a half moon between them. Then two rectangular forms with half moon inside each one and above them a pyramid on each. Please explain to me the meaning. Thanks. Dreaming about a moon that is neither full nor new suggests that your prayers are about to be answered. Whatever you have been wishing and hoping for is likely to be decided in your favor, giving you much relief and happiness. The shapes you saw in this dream can indicate one of two things. On one hand, they could represent how important this was for your basic wants and needs. However, it may also indicate that, now that one want has been satisfied, another may take its place.
Daughter's ex boyfriend and number nineteen Dreamed my daughter's ex boyfriend and the number 19. A dream in which you see the former boyfriend of someone close to you can be interpreted as a bad sign. It could mean that your current relationship is not as stable as you may wish it to be. Certain circumstances may lead to a break-up and the number nineteen is likely to play a role in it, such as someone's age or a date when something significant had or will have taken place.
Mobius loops of three different colors I dreamed of 3 Mobius loops, a red one, a blue one and a yellow one, each smaller in size. If you asked me yesterday what Mobius was I wouldn't be able to tell you. I knew in my dream what they were and they seemed unstoppable. While this vision may have been startling on the surface, it is actually a very auspicious dream concerning your future. The Mobius loops themselves are not nearly as important as the colors and sizes. Red represents passion, blue represents your efforts toward your dreams, and yellow is symbolically associated with success. In this case, the large red loop shows your personality, while the smaller blue loop indicates how your passions focus around the idea of making your dreams come true. The smallest yellow loop, then, predicts success in your endeavors once you concentrate your efforts on specific goals.
A strange tattoo and being haunted Had a dream that I got an odd-looking tattoo on my body, could not tell what the object was. Had the dream for what seemed like all night, in the dream it was shown as haunting me. I didn't like it there or what it was. I'm a female. Tattoos often contain coded messages in their designs, so interpreting them can be tricky in a dream vision, especially if the pattern is unclear or unfamiliar to the dreamer. The length of the dream, however, is quite telling, as a long fixation on the image of the tattoo can predict a need to change your surroundings drastically, often to pursue a dream or find inner peace on a soul journey. If there has been such an activity that you have been putting off for awhile, now may be the time to make it happen.
Drawing symbols with animal blood I had a dream that I cut up animals in half such as cats and dogs and I drew 666 in a field with the animals blood. This vision has a very clear interpretation regarding your future. Cutting and dissecting multiple animals during a dream vision, especially for ritualistic purposes, is the manifestation of your curiosity about the unknown, especially about your future and the possibilities it holds. The number 666, however, clearly answers the question for you, although possibly not in the way you may have hoped. The devil's number predicts you have been making the same mistakes over and over again. You cannot hope to achieve your full potential until you complete this level and move on to the next.
Receiving items from a healer A traditional healer gave me a bronze crown and told me that he will tell others that I have numbers as well. Healers appear in dreams when an ailment afflicts you. This can apply to both physical and spiritual problems. The bronze crown represents the value of taking care of your health and well-being. To succeed, you need to take care of your health. The numbers the healer was talking about probably refer to the number of years ahead of you. The more you take care of yourself, the longer your life will be.
A blue angel losing wings What does a skeleton blue angel losing its wings mean? The image of a skeleton mixed with an angel is a highly ominous sign. It predicts the seed of a major conflict being sewn between you and someone you considered a close friend and ally once in your waking life. The loss of the wings further supports this interpretation, showing a literal "falling out of favor" in each other's eyes.
Being given cards with symbols I was on a school vacation with other familiar faces of mine and we had a test in order to find out which room we were to stay in a ship for some reason. First we were given a card with a symbol and after we were given another card, but I did not understand the meaning of it. Not to forget there were other people I did not know and at some moment I made contact with a girl and moments after I felt uncomfortable and headed to a person I knew. Being on a ship during the course of a dream vision, especially for some sort of travel, could represent standing on the precipice of major change. You probably already know it is coming, as the idea of this vacation being related to school could indicate the presence of stress or apprehension. Your difficulty with the test symbolically shows your excitement or optimism about the possibilities this change holds, but feeling uncomfortable around strangers suggests you may not feel ready, in some way, to handle a big shift. It seems that this dream is the manifestation of your conflicting feelings and should be considered a sign to sit down and think carefully about what you want for the future.
Choosing between hot and cold to live or die A dream where you have to choose between cold and warm. My grandpa chose warm, so he was told he will live. But he is in bad shape. Dreaming about facing choices is significant of your current state of uncertainty when you are baffled with the possibilities that are bewildering or uncomfortable to deal with. The notion of your grandfather being in a bad shape speaks of your existing concerns and worries about your future when he is gone. You could be subconsciously evaluating the circumstances and repercussions after his departure.
Objects and colors of an interior In front of me 9 crystal blue marbles in a straight line on top of a dark blue shell-type shape bowl. To my left a city sky painting. In front of me a family room with a grey sectional, a white fireplace and a mantle made of light-colored wood, it had a painting of something grey, green and blue, I couldn't quite see it. Then to my right is just pitch black, there is nothing there. Behind me is a forest that taunts me to come and sit for a while. The marbles in your dream represent your goals and standpoints in terms of how you want to lead your life. They are lined up in front of you so you can consider each decision and the outcome of your choices. The city painting refers to your career path and the family room alludes to settling down in order to have a family of your own. The monochromatic or washed-out appearance of the family room may reflect your view of domestication at the moment. Perhaps you prefer focusing on yourself at the moment and look back on carefree days, as represented by the forest. Yet deep inside you know that the future you want requires hard work and perseverance, otherwise you may be left with a bleak and regrettable life.
A butterfly transforming into a cross I saw a large gold butterfly flying, so I put my hand out hoping it would land on me, instead it transformed into a 4-foot golden cross, covered in yellow roses. All these symbolic images seen in the dream you had point to some unfortunate developments soon to take place in your life. The notion of wanting the golden butterfly to land on you is a sign of acquiring an illness or health issues because of your current bad habits or unwillingness to improve your well-being. The golden cross with yellow flowers on it could predict soon having to make some important and difficult choices in order to either battle with what is to come or to find a way to lessen the negative consequences after it happens.
Fighting with spirits which are zodiac signs I was having sex with my boyfriend (who in the dream was a stranger), it was at my grandma's house and we were watched by everyone but it was to vanquish spirits. Then it made a female demon mad and she started to send out spirits to kill us and my family that were spirits of the zodiac. Each of my family members fought their zodiac sign (although I had no idea what their zodiac signs were). Having sex with a stranger, who is actually your boyfriend in reality, alludes to uncertainties about your current circumstances. You may feel as if your loved ones are becoming too invested in your and your boyfriend's status, nitpicking everything they observe possibly because they are overly concerned about your happiness and well-being. The female demon represents your inner darkness and this is what they are probably trying to suppress. They do not want you to become self-destructive or do something that would end up harming you. As such, your family, like yourself, are also battling their own prejudice and flaws in dealing with your situation.
A dark void and white dots A dark void with a single white dot and many other binary dots getting farther from the single dot. The dark void represents feelings of depression and hopelessness. At this point in your existence, you could be struggling to find your purpose in the world. The dots allude to your goals and ambitions. Perhaps no matter how many disappointments you face, there is a motivation that helps keep you going. Unfortunately, as the other binary dots move further away from the white dot, you may be making decisions that are keeping you from achieving what you had originally planned. Perhaps you need to focus and review you priorities to avoid getting sucked into a black hole of despair and uncertainty.
Being warned by a girl, stange city and evil presence Reoccurring, dream "series" I want to say. A girl who is about 9 talks with me in a flower field, and then tries to warn me about something, and I am surrounded by an angry presence, and "kicked out" of the dream, for exactly two days, then dream of a blue door with starry, asymmetrical golden patterns. It is locked, it is also within a black city, which is another reoccurring setting in my dream. City that is all black except for a garden on the east, and a yellow transparent "box" in the center. Dreaming about a girl in a flower field symbolizes your yearning to achieve something important in your waking life. The notion that you saw her issuing a warning to you could signify the obstacles which might appear on your road towards success. Being occasionally kicked out of the dream could reveal some questions and doubts you may have preventing you from getting a clear picture of what you really want to do. The conflicting imagery of this dream demonstrates your struggles to get out a sticky situation yet doubting your own abilities. Similarly, a closed door foretells conflicts with people who may subsequently become the reason of your downfall, but despite all these difficulties the yellow box is a symbol of hope and anticipation. There is definitely light at the end of the dark tunnel. You need to keep your hopes high and tread the difficult path despite the confusion and lack of clear direction.
A closed door with symbols on it I had a dream about seeing a purple ankh outlined in gold and it was on a door. Then right above it was the word Raz. I dreamt the same dream at least two times. Both times the door never opened, it just slowly started from the top where the word Raz was and went down to the purple ankh outlined in gold. Dreaming about an eye on a closed door must be considered a forewarning. Closed doors generally represent obstacles and road blocks existing or soon appearing in your waking life. The notion that you saw an eye outlined in purple on a closed door denotes the presence of a person with a guardian angel's traits in your life who makes it a point to see that you do not indulge in any sort of misdoings. Perhaps the reasons why you face problems in your life are a manifestation of your own wrongdoings. The word Raz could actually mean an unresolved matter or a secret, thus its presence on the door could denote that you could only solve your problems if you try to reform your ways of doing things or attitude toward others.
Number 39 I have been seeing the number 39 very often. What could be the meaning? The interpretation of the number 39 depends on this numerical figure's significance in your existence. However, it can be broadly interpreted as a continuing process of living and learning. If we break it down, three and nine in isolation both carry in-depth meanings. For instance, the figure three has various references in religion and philosophy. In particular, any significant event or occurrence come in sets of three. Meanwhile, the number nine has usually been associated with completion or an end of a cycle. When put together, 39 can be symbolic of the accumulated effort you exerted towards reaching your desired destination. Specifically, the figures 3 and 9 are depicted by a combination of open or broken circles suggesting your current incomplete journey towards self-fulfillment. It could also mean that you have a tendency to attack your problems in a roundabout way instead of dealing with them in a straightforward manner. Perhaps this circuitous approach gets you in trouble with peers and colleagues, taking you further away from your dreams.
Unfamiliar words and cigarette smoke I recently had a dream about "pekewi desoye" and smelled cigarette smoke. I have never seen these words before and I am confused. This is the fist time I have dreamed of words and I can't get it out of my head. No one in the house smokes. Cigarettes, in general, tend to be negative signs associated with a false sense of security. In your case, the smell of cigarette smoke in non-smoking atmosphere probably points to your destructive relationship with someone in the waking world. While this individual may seem cool and interesting, the reality is that he or she may have a negative influence on you, whether it is by putting you at risk or tempting you to take on unhealthy habits. As for "pekewi desoye," either it is an anagram for something significant, or it hints at the identity of the person you should watch out for. Alternatively, it could be a name which sounds similar to those nonsensical words.
A prophet warning about difficult days ahead I saw a Pandit Ji saying that I will have very difficult days from 14th to 18th of November. I clearly remember the dream. He said it is very difficult for me to pass these days. And then everybody realized that today is 14th of November. That's all I remember. Can you please tell me the interpretation of this dream? Dreams involving predictions typically reveal real-life anxieties about the future. You may be currently concerned, even fearful, about the coming days. Perhaps some big and important event is about to take place and you are particularly afraid of not being able to control the outcome of the said event. Maybe you feel powerless about certain aspects of your life. This could be especially true if you are the type who does not like surprises.
A white object descending from the sky If you have a dream seeing a rectangular white object descending from the sky entering into an open right palm? The rectangular object you saw in this dream seems to suggest that you are feeling dissatisfied with some aspect of your life even though you technically have all you could desire and more. In this case, the white color may represent either marital and relationship problems, or it could point to a desire for companionship. You may be going through a rough patch with your partner or, if you are single, you may be finding it difficult to meet the right person. Envisioning this white, rectangular object descending into your right hand, however, is a sign of overcoming existing or potential adversity. This means you would find a way to make your current partnership work or meet someone who understands you on your deepest levels.
A white window with a message in it I had a dream where at the end a white windows screen popped up and covered my entire view. On the screen text kept generating in rows with the same phrase. "Bad dream". I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't and when I tried I could never fully open my eyes, but I could vividly see the room I was sleeping in. I stopped trying to open my eyes and for some reason I saw the red x button which is usually on the right side in the windows tab. I touched the red x in my dream and I immediately woke up. Your vivid dream may be an example of lucid dreaming wherein you are able to control the scenario in the dream. In your case, you were able to jolt yourself awake by closing the blank window. Lucid dreams usually occur when the dreamer's mind is still active or possibly still processing recent information or events in the waking world. Since your mind may still be tethered to reality, the dream world becomes more malleable and changeable according to your will. Specifically, the white windows represent a void in your subconscious. You either had a sensory overload prior to sleeping or you are experiencing a lack of inspiration, hence you are unable to ignite your imagination or come up with good ideas at work or your personal projects.
Visually observing own thoughts I fell into a trance one afternoon while relaxing on the couch and dreamt that a voice told me that they changed the way I thought, then proceeded to show me my thoughts as weird upside down U-shaped objects with strange symbols on them that literally changed colors, then dropped off of a retaining stick one by one. I could also hear some mechanical sound while this happened? Dreaming that things have changed or become the opposite of what they were in the dream world is an unlucky symbol to behold. It foretells a period of rejection by those you consider peers or colleagues. You may find your opinions or ideas trampled by the majority of those whose company you keep. This could lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. However, the notion of the changing colors and the strange mechanical sound you heard in the same dream is often interpreted as positive symbols. It is possible that this minor social setback may allow you to grow in other areas of your life.
Cigarette smoke and a strange symbol This may be odd but here it goes. I had this strange smell of cigarette smoke coming from my nose and I was starting to get a headache . When I rolled over I noticed a #1symbol imprinted on my bf's back. It wasn't a tattoo. The smell got stronger, I fell asleep, when we woke up the symbol was gone??? What does it mean? This dream says a lot about your mindset at work or when you are doing a project. The smell of cigarette smoke in particular is a powerful sign in the dream world that often reflects the dreamer's tendency to challenge themselves and others by tackling difficult tasks. However, you may end up biting off more than you can chew or inconveniencing others with your wild distribution of responsibilities. There is a chance your friends and group members do not appreciate being burdened with as much responsibility or pressure as you do. Additionally, the number one on your boyfriend's back suggests that you are inadvertently pressuring him to take on more than he can handle. This could damage your partnership in the long run.
Eggs on a concrete slab Three eggs in space sitting on a rectangle-shaped slab of concrete with a bright halo of light above it. This dream of eggs is a very auspicious symbol of good fortune coming your way. The eggs represent opportunities or innovative ideas which would provide you with lucrative deals or great wealth. The slab of concrete likely means that the foundation of your plans or these opportunities is solid and secure, making them safe and prudent paths or actions to take. Moreover, the bright halo of light alludes to blessings and spiritual enlightenment. If you have been looking for a purpose in this world, perhaps you would soon find out what it is. You are close to figuring out where your true passions lie and would successfully realize them.
A dream in a dream I was dreaming inside my dream. I slept 3 days in my dream. I saw 3 dreams there and there was a common thing which may mean something. I don't remember those 3 but I was really frightened in the dream after seeing those 3 dreams then I began to search something in my home, but couldn't find anything. Then it was noon and I was getting ready for a hangout with father. I was tying my show lace on my balcony. There was a white bed sheet hanging on the balcony and something was moving that. A dream within a dream suggests unresolved issues and the number of layers usually points to how deep-seated this issue is in your subconscious. This could be something you have suppressed for a very long time and is now starting to resurface, which is causing emotional distress. Specifically, the white bedspread or sheet could be a clue about the nature of your unresolved issue. Bedspreads typically allude to intimacy and concerns kept private. You could be having an identity issue. You may be unsure and perhaps afraid to confront who you truly are for fear that you would not like what you would find.
A rectangle and ovals I dreamt just the other night and I had remembered when I woke up that I had seen the same thing in my dream years ago. Let me describe the dream. I see a vivid rectangle in the portrait position and in each of the corners there was blending swirled ovals also in the portrait position, and in the middle of the rectangle there is a bigger oval of blending. I was 4 years old when I first remember having the dream, I had it again when I was 16. I am confused, but very intrigued. Please help. Dreaming about patterns and shapes depicts the current status of your life and inner self. Your vision of a rectangle represents the boundaries which you have set for yourself. The clear well-defined lines symbolize that you follow a certain set of rules and try to adhere to them. However, the blended ovals on the inside speak about your desire to go beyond those boundaries and find your actual purpose in life. Since it is a recurring dream, you must pay attention to how you can achieve harmony and balance in your life. Develop rational objectives, yet also make sure to explore your true potential by thinking out of the box. Doing so would help bring about synchronization between your desires and limitations resulting in peace and tranquility in your life.
Buying tarot cards I am a female. I dreamed about buying angels tarot cards in the morning. Why so? Does it signify something for me? Remembering details from a dream about tarot cards usually portends soon having an unpleasant meeting or dealing with individuals who would irritate, disappoint or create a nuisance for you. The vision of buying these cards in the dream is probably telling you to carefully consider your options or avoid direct contact with people whom you soon may be crossing your path with.
A circle moving along a line I had a nightmare in which a white background is a black horizontal line with a circle that moved along the line. The circle moved slowly and when it came to the end of the line I woke up sweating and scared, but I didn't know what I am scared of. I dream that dream again after a few months, and sometimes after a few years. The last time I again dreamed it was a year ago. The abstract nature of your dream may be an indication of your muddled thoughts and state of confusion. For instance, lines often symbolize boundaries and limitations. This could mean that you are losing patience or hope because of unfinished goals or unmet expectations. Perhaps you are feeling stuck and you do not know how to improve your circumstances. Meanwhile, the circle can mean completion or repeating old patterns, depending on your current situation. If the latter seems to be more applicable in your case, then the problem may lie in your inability to break your bad habits. This tendency to circle back and make the same mistakes again could be preventing you from achieving your goals.
Number 126 Gender is male. All he can remember is the number 126. Any ideas what this might mean? The numbers 1, 2 and 6 all have separate meanings. The number 1 usually refers to feelings of loneliness, while number 2 could reveal ambiguity and 6 is symbolic of being humiliated by someone. What this could mean is that the person in question who can only remember this particular number could be undergoing a difficult period in life, in which the constant taunting at someone's hands makes him feel lonely and probably depressed. However, perhaps because this person has a strong connection with his abuser, he may have some ambiguous feelings towards separating from him or her. Thus the feeling of ambiguity surrounding the humiliation. Even though it may be painful, the person in question may not yet have the strength to break free.
Dream catchers taken off the wall I don't remember much other than in my dream I was in my house and I had noticed someone took my dream catchers off my wall. The people I was with prevented me from reacting with anger towards the person who took them down. Dreamcatchers in dreams are symbols of hope and optimism. They are also instruments for warding off negative energies. As such, losing your dreamcatcher in this dream vision likely reveals your weakening resolve to stop dwelling in your negative emotions. You could face greater difficulties and more complicated problems that would slowly wear down your defenses. In addition, the reason for the breakdown of your walls and eroding optimism may be a particular personality who is playing psychological tricks on you. This individual may have discovered your weakness and is probably going to use this in order to get on your nerves. You may need to be more self-aware so you can put up proper guards on your blind spots.
Eyes with symbols inside A man I know passionately kissed me and then when he stepped back I looked into his eyes and they were red with an x in the center and writing in a circle in the colored part of the eye. Then the dream ended. I'm a female. Red is the color of passion which can be interpreted positively or negatively. In your case, the passionate kiss could mean that the red eyes represent love and overwhelming emotion. Maybe an ex-boyfriend or someone in your past still has romantic feelings for you, as suggested by the letter X. Meanwhile, the writing inside the eye could be a reference to the eyes as "windows to the soul." If you want to know who loves you in reality, you only need to look at their eyes to see how lovingly or affectionately they are looking at you whenever you are talking to them or even when they do not know that you are looking. Maybe you can try catching the guy in the dream off guard to get a sense of his real motivations.
Deceased husband and number 100 Dreamt of my recently deceased husband. I asked him if he was okay and needed anything and he said “100”. The number 100 is a representation of your sadness and loneliness in the wake of your husband's passing. In a sense, the zeros tacked onto the number one serve as a type of metaphorical multiplier, suggesting you are feeling very alone and lost at this time. Under the circumstance, the presence of your husband is not unexpected as losing him is the source of these emotions. However, his presence may have another meaning, as dearly departed husbands also represent unsociable or poor behavior. It is possible that in your unhappy mental state you have not been behaving as kindly or politely as you normally would. This vision, then, could be a reminder that others deserve kindness and consideration even when we ourselves are suffering greatly.
A king and a maze A king and a maze, there is more to it but it might be a lot to put down. I've been having this dream for over 2 years straight, it begins like any other dream then turns into the dream I'm talking about. Thanks. The interpretation of this vision seems rather straightforward, as the two symbols you supplied have powerful opposing messages. In this vision, the king represents someone with influence or power over you, while the maze, much like its counterpart in reality, is the manifestation of negative emotions, such as confusion, indecision and frustration. In a sense, this vision is representing some situation in reality where you are under the thumb of someone who does not necessarily treat you as well as they should. Considering the reoccurring nature of this dream, the problem may have been around for some time. If your boss, teacher, parent or other authority figure continues to give you a hard time, it may mean you need to move on and break away from this toxic relationship.
Unable to write name and address Dream was about returning from being an exchange student ( I have been one in the past) and trying to write my name and address down for a friend I made on this journey, but unable to write name or address legibly even after repeated attempts. Being unable to legibly write your name and address in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that you would have trouble with new or current friendships in reality. This is especially true given that you were trying to contact a friend in the vision. You may soon find that you have trouble getting along with someone you normally are so in tune with. Alternatively, you may find that someone whom you thought would be a good friend has a personality that clashes with yours.
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