Visually observing own thoughts I fell into a trance one afternoon while relaxing on the couch and dreamt that a voice told me that they changed the way I thought, then proceeded to show me my thoughts as weird upside down U-shaped objects with strange symbols on them that literally changed colors, then dropped off of a retaining stick one by one. I could also hear some mechanical sound while this happened? Dreaming that things have changed or become the opposite of what they were in the dream world is an unlucky symbol to behold. It foretells a period of rejection by those you consider peers or colleagues. You may find your opinions or ideas trampled by the majority of those whose company you keep. This could lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. However, the notion of the changing colors and the strange mechanical sound you heard in the same dream is often interpreted as positive symbols. It is possible that this minor social setback may allow you to grow in other areas of your life.
Cigarette smoke and a strange symbol This may be odd but here it goes. I had this strange smell of cigarette smoke coming from my nose and I was starting to get a headache . When I rolled over I noticed a #1symbol imprinted on my bf's back. It wasn't a tattoo. The smell got stronger, I fell asleep, when we woke up the symbol was gone??? What does it mean? This dream says a lot about your mindset at work or when you are doing a project. The smell of cigarette smoke in particular is a powerful sign in the dream world that often reflects the dreamer's tendency to challenge themselves and others by tackling difficult tasks. However, you may end up biting off more than you can chew or inconveniencing others with your wild distribution of responsibilities. There is a chance your friends and group members do not appreciate being burdened with as much responsibility or pressure as you do. Additionally, the number one on your boyfriend's back suggests that you are inadvertently pressuring him to take on more than he can handle. This could damage your partnership in the long run.
Eggs on a concrete slab Three eggs in space sitting on a rectangle-shaped slab of concrete with a bright halo of light above it. This dream of eggs is a very auspicious symbol of good fortune coming your way. The eggs represent opportunities or innovative ideas which would provide you with lucrative deals or great wealth. The slab of concrete likely means that the foundation of your plans or these opportunities is solid and secure, making them safe and prudent paths or actions to take. Moreover, the bright halo of light alludes to blessings and spiritual enlightenment. If you have been looking for a purpose in this world, perhaps you would soon find out what it is. You are close to figuring out where your true passions lie and would successfully realize them.
A dream in a dream I was dreaming inside my dream. I slept 3 days in my dream. I saw 3 dreams there and there was a common thing which may mean something. I don't remember those 3 but I was really frightened in the dream after seeing those 3 dreams then I began to search something in my home, but couldn't find anything. Then it was noon and I was getting ready for a hangout with father. I was tying my show lace on my balcony. There was a white bed sheet hanging on the balcony and something was moving that. A dream within a dream suggests unresolved issues and the number of layers usually points to how deep-seated this issue is in your subconscious. This could be something you have suppressed for a very long time and is now starting to resurface, which is causing emotional distress. Specifically, the white bedspread or sheet could be a clue about the nature of your unresolved issue. Bedspreads typically allude to intimacy and concerns kept private. You could be having an identity issue. You may be unsure and perhaps afraid to confront who you truly are for fear that you would not like what you would find.
A rectangle and ovals I dreamt just the other night and I had remembered when I woke up that I had seen the same thing in my dream years ago. Let me describe the dream. I see a vivid rectangle in the portrait position and in each of the corners there was blending swirled ovals also in the portrait position, and in the middle of the rectangle there is a bigger oval of blending. I was 4 years old when I first remember having the dream, I had it again when I was 16. I am confused, but very intrigued. Please help. Dreaming about patterns and shapes depicts the current status of your life and inner self. Your vision of a rectangle represents the boundaries which you have set for yourself. The clear well-defined lines symbolize that you follow a certain set of rules and try to adhere to them. However, the blended ovals on the inside speak about your desire to go beyond those boundaries and find your actual purpose in life. Since it is a recurring dream, you must pay attention to how you can achieve harmony and balance in your life. Develop rational objectives, yet also make sure to explore your true potential by thinking out of the box. Doing so would help bring about synchronization between your desires and limitations resulting in peace and tranquility in your life.
Buying tarot cards I am a female. I dreamed about buying angels tarot cards in the morning. Why so? Does it signify something for me? Remembering details from a dream about tarot cards usually portends soon having an unpleasant meeting or dealing with individuals who would irritate, disappoint or create a nuisance for you. The vision of buying these cards in the dream is probably telling you to carefully consider your options or avoid direct contact with people whom you soon may be crossing your path with.
A circle moving along a line I had a nightmare in which a white background is a black horizontal line with a circle that moved along the line. The circle moved slowly and when it came to the end of the line I woke up sweating and scared, but I didn't know what I am scared of. I dream that dream again after a few months, and sometimes after a few years. The last time I again dreamed it was a year ago. The abstract nature of your dream may be an indication of your muddled thoughts and state of confusion. For instance, lines often symbolize boundaries and limitations. This could mean that you are losing patience or hope because of unfinished goals or unmet expectations. Perhaps you are feeling stuck and you do not know how to improve your circumstances. Meanwhile, the circle can mean completion or repeating old patterns, depending on your current situation. If the latter seems to be more applicable in your case, then the problem may lie in your inability to break your bad habits. This tendency to circle back and make the same mistakes again could be preventing you from achieving your goals.
Number 126 Gender is male. All he can remember is the number 126. Any ideas what this might mean? The numbers 1, 2 and 6 all have separate meanings. The number 1 usually refers to feelings of loneliness, while number 2 could reveal ambiguity and 6 is symbolic of being humiliated by someone. What this could mean is that the person in question who can only remember this particular number could be undergoing a difficult period in life, in which the constant taunting at someone's hands makes him feel lonely and probably depressed. However, perhaps because this person has a strong connection with his abuser, he may have some ambiguous feelings towards separating from him or her. Thus the feeling of ambiguity surrounding the humiliation. Even though it may be painful, the person in question may not yet have the strength to break free.
Dream catchers taken off the wall I don't remember much other than in my dream I was in my house and I had noticed someone took my dream catchers off my wall. The people I was with prevented me from reacting with anger towards the person who took them down. Dreamcatchers in dreams are symbols of hope and optimism. They are also instruments for warding off negative energies. As such, losing your dreamcatcher in this dream vision likely reveals your weakening resolve to stop dwelling in your negative emotions. You could face greater difficulties and more complicated problems that would slowly wear down your defenses. In addition, the reason for the breakdown of your walls and eroding optimism may be a particular personality who is playing psychological tricks on you. This individual may have discovered your weakness and is probably going to use this in order to get on your nerves. You may need to be more self-aware so you can put up proper guards on your blind spots.
Eyes with symbols inside A man I know passionately kissed me and then when he stepped back I looked into his eyes and they were red with an x in the center and writing in a circle in the colored part of the eye. Then the dream ended. I'm a female. Red is the color of passion which can be interpreted positively or negatively. In your case, the passionate kiss could mean that the red eyes represent love and overwhelming emotion. Maybe an ex-boyfriend or someone in your past still has romantic feelings for you, as suggested by the letter X. Meanwhile, the writing inside the eye could be a reference to the eyes as "windows to the soul." If you want to know who loves you in reality, you only need to look at their eyes to see how lovingly or affectionately they are looking at you whenever you are talking to them or even when they do not know that you are looking. Maybe you can try catching the guy in the dream off guard to get a sense of his real motivations.
Deceased husband and number 100 Dreamt of my recently deceased husband. I asked him if he was okay and needed anything and he said “100”. The number 100 is a representation of your sadness and loneliness in the wake of your husband's passing. In a sense, the zeros tacked onto the number one serve as a type of metaphorical multiplier, suggesting you are feeling very alone and lost at this time. Under the circumstance, the presence of your husband is not unexpected as losing him is the source of these emotions. However, his presence may have another meaning, as dearly departed husbands also represent unsociable or poor behavior. It is possible that in your unhappy mental state you have not been behaving as kindly or politely as you normally would. This vision, then, could be a reminder that others deserve kindness and consideration even when we ourselves are suffering greatly.
A king and a maze A king and a maze, there is more to it but it might be a lot to put down. I've been having this dream for over 2 years straight, it begins like any other dream then turns into the dream I'm talking about. Thanks. The interpretation of this vision seems rather straightforward, as the two symbols you supplied have powerful opposing messages. In this vision, the king represents someone with influence or power over you, while the maze, much like its counterpart in reality, is the manifestation of negative emotions, such as confusion, indecision and frustration. In a sense, this vision is representing some situation in reality where you are under the thumb of someone who does not necessarily treat you as well as they should. Considering the reoccurring nature of this dream, the problem may have been around for some time. If your boss, teacher, parent or other authority figure continues to give you a hard time, it may mean you need to move on and break away from this toxic relationship.
Unable to write name and address Dream was about returning from being an exchange student ( I have been one in the past) and trying to write my name and address down for a friend I made on this journey, but unable to write name or address legibly even after repeated attempts. Being unable to legibly write your name and address in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that you would have trouble with new or current friendships in reality. This is especially true given that you were trying to contact a friend in the vision. You may soon find that you have trouble getting along with someone you normally are so in tune with. Alternatively, you may find that someone whom you thought would be a good friend has a personality that clashes with yours.
A bloody infinity symbol Had a dream of a bloody infinity symbol. The infinity symbol from your vision suggests an improper alignment of the stars or a hormonal imbalance could cause you to become more irritable than usual. Your poor temper may be taken seriously by some of your friends and family, so it may be a good idea to let others know the true cause of your irritation rather muddling the waters of your friendship. Furthermore, the bloodiness of the symbol could mean that choosing not to clear the air could have lasting negative effects for your relationships.
Dead dog alive again because of symbols My dream started with me staying at the house I shared with my ex fiance, skipped to the next day and my beloved dog that I just buried on my ex's property comes running towards me, still a bit bruised and broke but so happy and full of life and spirit. I embraced him so hard. A man appeared and told me this occurred because I had a marking of a tornado on my chest and an Indian horse was sacrificed. My dog couldn't get enough of me, even with other familiar faces around. Female. Usually, being in a past living arrangement or meeting with an ex is indicative of nostalgia or a desire to go back to when things were simpler and easy to understand. Perhaps you feel confused and upset at the moment, most likely due to conflict with those near you in reality. The cause of your troubles may be been in the image of your cherished pet dog coming back from the dead, as this symbol is often interpreted as a warning in the world of dreams. It suggests that you tend to ask for help with certain issues in your life but forget to thank or repay those who help you. You may even refuse to lend them a hand when they need it most. The idea of a tornado marking upon your chest and the slaughter and sacrifice of the horse mean that you have it within you to be generous and provide good feelings and experiences to those around you. However, up until this moment you have neglected to do so. You would continue to suffer until you become better at putting others first.
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