Stabbing a doll with a knife I was stabbing a doll with a knife and I was blaming the doll for killing my friend. Dolls in the dream world signify immaturity or the time when the dreamer was a child. The act of stabbing the doll in this dream could portend your desire to quell your childish habits and attitude. The notion of you thinking that the doll was responsible for the death of your friend could symbolize that you may be holding yourself responsible for a break or growing issues inside your friendship. Being more open, mature and accountable with your friendships could help you resolve any minor issues beforehand and ensure that your friendships last for a long time.
A mouse and toys Had a dream I caught a mouse, it squirted something towards me. I let it go and someone came, then I begin putting kid toys together. Why? In general, envisioning a mouse in the dream world is a symbol of bad luck. It means you may be beset with troubles, betrayals and general setbacks in the near future. As such, catching then letting go of the mouse could be an indication that these would be recurring problems that you would have trouble containing or solving. This seemingly endless stroke of bad luck may wear you down physically and mentally. In that context, the toys reveal a desire to go back to simpler times when you did not have complicated issues to deal with.
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