Worried about being late for the trip I am female. I was going on a trip (cruise) with my family. They had already paid for everything for me and my 2 daughters (so I thought). They would not give me any details about the trip such as what time our flight was leaving and I was so worried that we were going to miss our flight. We were en route to the airport but every few minutes someone had something to stop and do. All I could think is we are never going to get to this flight and will I have enough money to pay them back for the trip. The anticipated cruise trip in your dream represents a relaxing and worry-free existence for you and your family, especially with your two daughters. This could also be a goal that you are aiming for in order to provide for your loved ones. However, being indebted to somebody and worried that you would not be able to pay back points to your apprehensions regarding your obligations to your parents and the rest of the family. They may have helped you out during rough and uncertain periods in your existence, hence you feel the need to pay them back. Maybe you still struggle sometimes and those are the times when you doubt yourself and you fear that you would disappoint your family.
Receiving an invitation to travel Dreams about receiving an offer letter via email from my former university to go to Switzerland. The letter asked me to confirm if I would be available on the stated dates, when I was about to accept them, I suddenly woke up. I am a lady. Traveling to another country in this dream suggests there would be an improvement in the work-related aspect of your life. You may soon experience much more favorable developments and respect at your job, which would cause coworkers and superiors to seek your input on business decisions or any other important projects. Your ideas and plans would also be received very well and appreciated. However, this happy period is not likely to last long. The specific dates remembered from this vision could mean that something less fortunate is about to happen, most likely on the days you focused your attention on.
Being naked on the bus I had a dream of being naked in a traveling bus and I struggle with a man who was occupying my seat but later realized it wasn't my seat and I was trying to cover up my nakedness with newspapers. The bus trip in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. It is likely that you feel that others have more control over the direction you are headed than you do. Your nakedness, in this case, seems to reference a relationship of an unsavory nature. It is possible that your involvement with this individual is the reason why you do not have as much control as you should. You are at their mercy either because they are holding something over you or because you are not yet ready to admit there is a problem. However, covering yourself with the newspapers at the end of the vision may mean you are ready to move on and take charge of your life.
Traveling and ending up at the old folks home I dreamt that my husband and I traveling with another girl and the girl seems like my friend Reyn (girl). Then we can't get out of the airport, so we put our luggage back on the conveyor and paid for it. My husband asked me if we need to buy a luggage but I said no. He opened an old rugged luggage and inside was a t-shirt, jeans and a towel. I took the t-shirt out. Then, I saw myself crying with hands cuffed and was trying to separate from my husband. I asked my husband what he had done and he said crying and bending on his knees, "I still love the girl". My red lipstick smudged and the girl that we traveled with was not in sight. Then they took me to the nursing home to do some activities with the elderly. The elderly turned to a dog and they all wanted to hug me so I closed the door. Your presence at the airport in this vision suggests your current life and day to day affairs are rather busy compared to before. You probably are feeling a bit stressed and under pressure to get things done. This is supported by the image of the rugged, rundown luggage, a sign associated with being mentally preoccupied due to a busy lifestyle. This may be the result of work or social engagements, however, traveling with a third party may mean the source of your troubles is related to gossip or difficult relations. This is also seen in your focusing on the smeared red lipstick you wore, representing words that smear a reputation or start hurtful rumors. It is possible you are not only a victim but perhaps a participant as well. The end of the vision contains a bit of a warning, as being taken to a nursing home implies that continuing to take part in this could lead to more unfortunate circumstances as time passes.
Having a fake passport I am a male, I dreamt while at the airport going to board a plane but I had a fake passport with different names but with a face familiar to mine, so I passed the check point. Being at an airport and about to board a plane in the dream world refers to exciting adventures on the horizon. You may soon be offered a new opportunity or the chance to try something really interesting and different from your day to day existence. However, by trying something new, you may find that you are not the same person you were before. In a sense, by exploring new cities or trying new tasks, you may go through a bit of an identity crisis. This is seen both in the idea of the fake passport and the similar face therein. You may be able to reconcile these differences through self-reflection and meditation, but it would take time to come to terms with the new you.
Traveling to a funeral of someone from the past I am male. I dreamt I traveled thousands of miles to attend the funeral of a lady I had an affair with, whom I still deeply have feelings for, even though I am now married and our affair was almost a decade ago. At the village where the funeral took place, I stayed at a hostel, with several men, some of whom I knew, and all our belongings were inspected at the reception. I was too sad to attend the church service but then paid a lot of money to attend the actual burial, many miles away. I felt very sad. The funeral of a former lover represents your willingness to make peace with your past, tie loose ends and get rid of personal baggage. You are now ready to put your fondness and feelings for her to rest. The hostel represents a transition or a new phase in your life which you are about to enter. This is likely the reason for reminiscing and confronting past regrets as well as coming to terms with missed opportunities. You finally realize these are the things that are holding you back from living a fuller life with your wife. This also means that you are mourning the end of a chapter in your life.
Traveling to a family reunion and a lion I traveled with children and brother from Boston. Seems like a family reunion. Suddenly I looked down a low cliff and saw a lion looking up at me. I told the family and we ran to get on the bus before he got us. I returned the bus at a church. I asked for the name and number of the bus company. The name was "Journey". Reunions, such as a family reunion, represent unresolved issues and past events that are haunting you until now. Your subconscious is telling you to look to your past for valuable lessons because these insights would help you navigate the tumultuous time ahead. In particular, the lion you saw from the cliff means your ambitions are threatening to destroy you. In your desire to achieve your goals, you risk losing your way and losing yourself in the process. So the only way for you to remain grounded and in control of your situation is to flee from worldly temptations and renew your faith. Staying connected to your family and the important people in your life would help you prioritize and keep things in perspective.
Being inside a runaway train I am on a "runaway" train that can't stop! I am trying to send a message to my mom to tell her, but my phone isn't working. Finally the train runs out of steam and we stop! A runaway train, such as a train that is off-track or when it is out of control, is actually a very positive dream symbol often referring to head-spinning success. You are going to enter a period of high energy and movement during which your undertakings would take off or be completed in record time. Your focus and determination would be in an all-time high, so take advantage of this fortuitous period to make a lot of headway in your personal and professional obligations. Since the train runs out of steam in your dream, then it means this fast-paced stretch would eventually come to an end. If you make the right choices and take advantage of the opportunities, then the seeds you sow during this time would pay off even after this favorable phase ends.
Daughter's dog and people traveling My daughter's dog that I look after was lying outside on a hammock on his back. Then I was in this empty house, suitcases on the floor, driving people to the airport. The dog in the dream reveals your fondness for your family. You want them to be comfortable and secure. The hammock also suggests you want you and your family to relax. Fortunately, the empty house actually alludes to financial gain as well as a fresh start. Something is about to happen that would shake up your household for the better. Whether it is financial gain or brand new opportunity, the suitcases on the floor refer to travel. With this opportunity, you can take your family to new places for a vacation or a change of scenery which would help all of you recover from the stresses of the daily grind.
Traveling with a homeless person I dreamt I helped a homeless man who people told me was the town crazy, told me not to pay attention to him but I did. I had an inner feeling he was sent from god or God himself. He needed help finding his invisible map and no one else could understand him. He led me all around, on a train, to a residence, back on the train, etc. In search of this map. It turned into a journey, finding some way to get a ticket back the way we came. And everywhere we went I was stark naked. Seeing a homeless man in dreams is a personal reminder to appreciate what you have, especially the people who are closest to you. You are focusing on other matters, like work and selfish interests, that you tend to forget to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones. So the search for a map actually symbolizes your plan to make it up to your friends and family. You want them to know how much you value them, but you do not know where to start. You could start with thoughtful gifts to let them know you are paying attention. Similarly, being naked during this journey reveals your ineptitude when it comes to affection. You need to find your soft spot and learn how to show some vulnerability to bring your loved ones closer to you. This way, the people who love and support you will also feel like they can get the same unconditional love from you.
Kittens on the train I dreamt I was catching a train with my parents and my son. When the train pulled up there there was a lot of kittens inside. I laid down on the floor and was covered in them. I was very very happy. A dream imagery in which numerous kittens appear to cover your body could be an indication of surrounding annoyance due to a range of unfavorable circumstances or negative events. It can also refer to a situation in which you would have to handle people who would be exceedingly difficult to be with until you find a way to distance them from your life. However, seeing yourself happy in this situation predicts that you will receive relief and pleasurable moments in the future. These two signs combined indicate that you would solve the issues brought about by events or people bothering you and find great relief and peace of mind after all.
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