Someone committing a crime
Someone committing a crime arrested
Yourself committing a crime
Together with someone committing a crime
Someone fleeing the crime scene
A horrific crime
Murder as a crime
Robbery as a crime
Witnessing a crime
Going after a criminal
Walking on the road with a criminal
Inviting a criminal to enter your house
Being threatened by criminals
Being a part of criminal organization
Confronting a criminal organization
Befriending a criminal for young women
Someone getting assaulted and raped (Archived)
German soldiers entering the house (Archived)
Being raped in public (Archived)
A faceless guy with a gun (Archived)
Being arrested and then helped (Archived)
Someone in a mask trying to kill (Archived)
Being stabbed and boyfriend is not helping (Archived)
Trying to escape from a gunman (Archived)
A girl killing people, scenes of violence in a lock-down building (Archived)
A neighbor appearing as if he has been stabbed (Archived)
Being a police officer and witnessing daughter-in-law being in bed with a stranger (Archived)
An old female teacher with a student who stole her money (Archived)
Police contacting and confronting about the murder of a woman (Archived)
Murder of a famous abolitionist (Archived)
Being kidnapped but treated nicely by the kidnapper (Archived)
Being chased and attacked by shooters (Archived)
Killing fiance's adult children (Archived)
Running from rapists and hiding at a cemetery (Archived)
Children being molested (Archived)
Trying to escape someone who is killing everyone (Archived)
A student breaking into the house (Archived)
Being raped inside own house (Archived)
Committing murder and getting arrested (Archived)
Being forced upon by a stranger (Archived)
Being abducted but escaping successfully (Archived)
Coming to terms with the offender at gunpoint (Archived)
Stealing cars off the street (Archived)
Ex boyfriend hiring a killer who is afraid (Archived)
Being attacked by a female stranger (Archived)
Children found following a crime (Archived)
Mass shooting on the streets (Archived)
Being held hostage and seducing someone (Archived)
Being punished by poison injection (Archived)
Trying to commit suicide upon an arrest (Archived)
Being tortured by an unknown man (Archived)
A mother killing one of her children (Archived)
Drugged and pursued by a crazy guy (Archived)
A friend stealing a CD and running away (Archived)
Witnessing abduction of a little girl (Archived)
Trying to escape an evil man in a cabin (Archived)
Being abducted by an old lady (Archived)
Meeting a stranger in prison (Archived)
A female with a tail breaking into the house (Archived)
Things stolen from boyfriend at a bar (Archived)
People destroying a house and taking jewels (Archived)
A shooter attacking (Archived)
Helpless while being held hostage (Archived)
Helping a friend who kills people (Archived)
Being scared at a crime scene (Archived)
A stranger wanting to kiss at a gun point (Archived)
Someone pretending to be mother (Archived)
An apartment taken hostage (Archived)
Someone trying to kill grandmother (Archived)
A bloody crime scene (Archived)
Being forced to shoot own family (Archived)
Escaping from jail using a toilet (Archived)
Boyfriend having sex with a minor (Archived)
Being kidnapped in own house (Archived)
Being helpless while kidnapped (Archived)
Held at gunpoint at a restaurant (Archived)
Being chased while visiting jail (Archived)
Deceased mother protecting from a rapist (Archived)
Friend's father kidnapped and cats (Archived)
People killed by poisoned sugar (Archived)
Being followed by men of a different race (Archived)
In jail with death penalty (Archived)
Being let out of jail (Archived)
Getting into a car accident upon release from jail (Archived)
Being shot and saved by a calf (Archived)
A thief on a tricycle (Archived)
Husband raping a daughter's friend (Archived)
Becoming a victim of rape (Archived)
Being tortured and kissed (Archived)
Being robbed in own house (Archived)
Someone familiar suspected of robbery (Archived)
Witnessing rape of a minor (Archived)
Being kept captive together with mother and cats (Archived)
Someone raping a boy and them acting normal after (Archived)
A friend brainwashed by a murderer (Archived)
Stalling a robber at a mall (Archived)
Being abducted and family in disbelief (Archived)
Granddaughter raped (Archived)
Family member arrested (Archived)
Shooting at a party (Archived)
Teasing a shooter in the classroom (Archived)
Someone released from jail (Archived)
Setting someone and a house on fire (Archived)
Being held hostage as a black woman (Archived)
Wife being raped and husband mad (Archived)
Being attacked at the movie theather (Archived)
Being stabbed in the stomach by a stranger (Archived)
Killing father in law (Archived)
Boyfriend getting out of prison earlier (Archived)
Being shot in the stomach (Archived)

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