Huge quantities of food
Buying huge quantities of food
Fresh food
Spoiled food
Seeing food
Eating food alone
Eating food in a good company
Food being taken away from you
Small quantity of food
Grotesque consumption of food
People eating food in a refined way
Eating food
Seeing others eating food
Eating tasty food
Eating tasteless food
Eating food outside
Eating burned food
Eating unfamiliar or poisoned food
Eating food with your guests
Food on the table
Eating food in a large and noisy company
Eating sweet food
Eating food with appetite
Eating food without appetite
Being hungry and not having enough food
Someone eating food in front of you
Someone taking your food
Cutting food
Eating food in large chunks
Biting on food in disgust
Swallowing big pieces of food
Licking food
Sucking food in
Eating unusual or exotic food
Eating inedible food
A lot of food on the table
Eating distasteful food
Trying to offer food to someone who dislikes it
Eating leftover food
Cooking food
Filling food
Giving food to somebody
Giving food to deceased
Eating food with someone
Inviting someone to share food
Participating in a feast with lots of food
Food and drinks
Someone offering you food
Deceased person eating food
Seeing fresh food, but not eating it
Someone going unconscious while eating food
Being invited to a celebration with food
Looking at people eating food
Buying food
A man throwing food (Archived)
Boiling milk (Archived)
Mutton meat brought by a student (Archived)
Eating pap and milk given by another person (Archived)
Looking at a variety of fruits (Archived)
Breaking and eating a raw egg (Archived)
Eating coconut with family members (Archived)
Eating seedless dates (Archived)
Unclean house and flies (Archived)
Serving bread to people (Archived)
Red onions (Archived)
Avocados cut in half (Archived)
Being hungry and a buffet (Archived)
Breaking an apple to the amusement of friends (Archived)
People preventing from drinking milk (Archived)
Healer asking to prepare food (Archived)
Eating a ripe mango (Archived)
Eating fried fish (Archived)
Buying nuts and giving them away (Archived)
Being left out during dinner (Archived)
Eating mangos (Archived)
Food in clear water (Archived)
Cooking with the boss and not gettting meat (Archived)
Collard greens for Christmas dinner (Archived)
Discovering a spider on a plate halfway through a meal (Archived)
Bothered by fish appearing on the menu (Archived)
Worms in chicken soup (Archived)
Snatching a small watermelon and being caught (Archived)
Eating bacon appearing from a hand (Archived)
Gathering fruit from a tree (Archived)
Dreaming about tomatoes (Archived)
Increasing quantities of bread (Archived)
Finding and eating eggs (Archived)
A toast (Archived)
Food appearing from the sky at will (Archived)
A woman offering fresh milk (Archived)
Picking peppers (Archived)
Dividing the shrimp up (Archived)
Trying to cook and eat baby elephants (Archived)
Candy turning into cockroaches (Archived)
Ice cream perceived to be enormous in size (Archived)
Being served with a strange-looking burger (Archived)
Food eaten by a teacher (Archived)
Tacos inside the head (Archived)
Eating fruits in a rushed manner (Archived)
Food falling out of the skies (Archived)
Eating earthworms (Archived)
Being exposed to food offerings laid out on tables (Archived)
Searching for a place to dine in (Archived)
A girl cooking fish (Archived)
Cooking turtle soup from a giant tortoise (Archived)
Milk and pumpkin being cooked on the stove (Archived)
Boiled eggs in a bag (Archived)
Dropping cooked rice and a sad friend (Archived)
Increasing quantities of tiffins (Archived)
Being impatient while cooking food (Archived)
Spitting out rotten apples and throwing them away (Archived)
Trying to buy fish at a restaurant (Archived)
Apples stuck in eyelids preventing from sleeping (Archived)
Eating food with a rival (Archived)
Eating an egg (Archived)
Mother buying beef (Archived)
Cooking ingredients (Archived)
Carrying palm seeds in a container (Archived)
Refusing to eat a stolen pig (Archived)
Red meat (Archived)
Milk becoming yogurt (Archived)
Eating maize (Archived)
Drinking yogurt (Archived)
Bad tasting milk given by a woman (Archived)
Being in line for food (Archived)
Men giving food (Archived)
An egg sandwich cooked wrong (Archived)
Eating rice mixed with fruit and meat (Archived)
Eating crab meat (Archived)
Food sold in a forceful way (Archived)
Throwing up spaghetti (Archived)
Rice and chips that look bigger (Archived)
Eating with a musician (Archived)
Eating raw chicken and arguing (Archived)
Food turning into feces (Archived)
White rice on a plate (Archived)
Indulging in eating cake with others (Archived)
Fried eggs, oil and bread (Archived)
Sister cooking beans and tomatoes (Archived)
Greens on church tables (Archived)
Helping buy and transport food (Archived)
A coworker washing hands in soup (Archived)
Taking food from neighbors (Archived)
Filling bags with rice and spilling it (Archived)
Eating leftover macaroni (Archived)
Roast fish being sold (Archived)
A boiled egg stuck in the nose (Archived)
Eating peaches (Archived)
Salty popcorn (Archived)
Eating horrible-tasting food (Archived)
Eating corn and walking in dirty water (Archived)
Dropping eggs from a tray (Archived)
Tomatoes and lemons in a basket (Archived)
Giving mutton to a stranger (Archived)
Cooking cow's tongue (Archived)
Serving maize to people (Archived)
A watermelon which is white inside (Archived)
Grains in a sack turning to liquid (Archived)
Baking and eating a banana cake (Archived)
Food turning into worms (Archived)
Eating indigenous veggies (Archived)
Cooking stew and authority figures entering (Archived)
Cooking plantains (Archived)
Eating rice with step siblings (Archived)
Hot soup poured on the body (Archived)
Selling barbecued food (Archived)
Taking food to someone (Archived)
Cooking eggs and having silver hair (Archived)
Waves of honey (Archived)
Receiving fresh meat from a teacher (Archived)
Losing pieces of meat (Archived)
Spilling the seeds of Soursop on the floor (Archived)
Apples turning into dust (Archived)
Buying juice while on vacation (Archived)
Receiving a fruit from someone (Archived)
Worms and bugs in potatoes (Archived)
Girlfriend with maize (Archived)
Cooking rice with relatives (Archived)
Eating favorite food at a party (Archived)
Bread with worms and spoiled butter (Archived)
Flies and fishes over the tables with food (Archived)
An enemy adding vegetables (Archived)
Pouring water into coffee (Archived)
Unable to choose food and three doors (Archived)
Someone choking on lettuce (Archived)
Receiving sausage meat from ex-boyfriend (Archived)
Wine glasses and a cake (Archived)

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