To dream that the house or place of residence is invaded by a relentless army of pesky cockroaches and you can no longer put up with the gross and embarrassing nuisance is a direct reminder of what your house or place of residence may be literally full of. Over the years, you may have amassed tons of items from your travels and years of frequent shopping, or hoarded gifts and items which you may refuse to throw away for their sentimental value or for reasons only known to you. As a result, you could be living amid a clutter of dusty knickknack and souvenirs. Your garage may be adorned with unsightly sets of DIY tools and spare parts, your kitchen is a messy scene of half-opened flour and seasoning packets, rusty pots and broken utensils. Your dressing room may be filled with half-empty perfume, lotion and hairspray bottles, your closet littered with crumpled shirts and mismatched pairs of footwear. This dream vision is telling you that it is time to clean up before someone suspects you of having a hoarding issue.

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