A dream about warding off attacking and aggressive cockroaches is an indication that you would soon experience a form of injustice at work. Someone in a higher position than you would threaten to harm you or cause your untimely dismissal if you refuse to follow orders, even if the orders clearly violate company policies. Or you could be a victim of sexual harassment, a case in which the sex crime is only incidental, and the real issue is grave abuse of power. It is possible that your fear of the authority might prevent you from confronting your abuser, and you might dismiss the abuse as part and parcel of what is called structural violence by which you and everyone else in your company have been preprogrammed into submission. But if you are a born fighter, the harrowing experience would embolden you to battle evil head on or, as one might say, to take the bull by the horns, no matter the outcome. Sure, power and privilege may often tip the scales in favor of people who are in positions of authority, but this would not deter your from seeking and finally obtaining justice.

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