Seeing or coming across a dead cockroach in a dream is the symbolic death of a wish, desire, or aspiration you have been hoping to happen but would never be realized. From the very beginning, you truly believed in the viability of a project, in the profitability of a business venture, or in the merits of a current romantic relationship. In fact, you invested a lot of money or put all your energy and effort into it, convinced without a shadow of a doubt in your mind that it would turn out in your favor. Just when you think your long-awaited dream is about to happen, an unexpected occurrence could turn things around, and all your hope, faith, pride and self-worth could come crashing down with you and dissipate under your own weight. This experience could be a test of your ability to pick up the pieces of your life and rise from the ashes of your failure. Otherwise, it could become just another sad story about someone who succumbed to this world's injustice and cruelty.

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