Observing time on a clock is a dream that in itself can be interpreted in different ways, all of which depend on the clock's speed. If in the dream, the clock hands were spinning much faster than they should be, you may be feeling that time's going by too fast. Maybe there are facets of your life that are progressing too quickly for your liking, such as a job or a relationship. A different connotation of this version of the dream may involve an anxiety deriving from an aspiration, or desire, including sexual desires, which may not have been realized yet. You feel that time is running out and that terrifies you. On the other hand, if the clock's hands in the dream were moving too slow, you may be dreading an inevitable event coming into your life. The event in question may run the gamut from a deadly accident to a long-sought sexual encounter. A slow-turning clock in a dream may likewise foreshadow a long life ahead. The more specific the nuances of the clock, the more detailed the dream's message could become.

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