A dream in which you pay a lot of attention to the hair on someone's head, possibly up to a point when this becomes the only detail from your dream you can recall in the morning, has drastically different interpretations depending on the peculiarities of the vision. For example, if the head in your dream had a short haircut, this symbol could be a harbinger of approaching hardships, bad luck and trials of all sorts. A bald head is often interpreted as a recommendation to be more careful in the nearest future and pay exceptional attention to even the minor events happening around you in order to avoid possible misfortunes. On the other hand, if the head in your dream was generously covered in long and thick hair, this vision could be foretelling significant victories, acknowledgment, and success in the upcoming future. Another peculiar dream related to hair on someone's head is seeing it neatly combed or braided, often interpreted as a sign of approaching love and romantic vibes between you and a certain person who is already present in your waking life.

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