Envisioning a bottle in the kitchen could have drastically different meanings depending on the additional details related. For example, seeing or using an empty bottle in the kitchen symbolizes an approaching period of hardships and trials with unpredictable long-term effects on your life. However, if the bottle in your dream was filled with either wine or water, know that this is considered to be a sign of approaching success that would involve not only you but also the people you love and hold dear. Additionally, a dream in which you see yourself opening a bottle is a sign of prosperity and all kinds of material benefits coming your way while drinking something straight out of a bottle means you could be about to receive an exciting and utterly pleasant surprise. On the other hand, a dream in which you see yourself breaking a bottle in the kitchen is most likely pointing at full-blown confrontations, quarrels and even physical fights. Last but not least, if the bottle in your dream had an unusual or strange shape, be aware that it symbolizes your peculiar sexual desires and attractions, possibly even some fetishes you could be subconsciously harboring deep inside.

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