A chalice in itself is a symbol filled with overwhelming fortune and good luck, so if you happened to see a dream featuring this object in the kitchen, get ready for an exceptionally great period coming your way. Additional details could add some specificity to this interpretation: for example, if the chalice in your dream was filled with sweet dessert wine know that this is a sign of prosperity and auspicious coincidences, while a bitter wine in a chalice is usually interpreted as a harbinger of upcoming developments that could change your current status in life for the worse. A dream in which you happen to receive a chalice as a gift could be a sign that you are a person who always gets the desired things in life. On the other hand, if you happen to break a chalice in a dream, be aware that this vision could be foretelling an unexpected and unpleasant turn in your life such as a sudden drastic expense or someone dear to your heart becoming sick.

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